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Beijing's parks and museums, including the ancient Forbidden City, were reopened to the public on Friday after being closed for months by the coronavirus pandemic.
The Forbidden City, passed to the home of the Chinese emperors, is allowing only 5,000 visitors every day, down from 80,000. And the parks are allowing people to visit at 30% of normal capacity.
Large-scale group activities remain dormant and visitors must book tickets in advance online, according to Gao Dawei, deputy director of the Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau.
Photos on social media showed visitors to the Forbidden City wearing face masks and being escorted by police along designated routes.
Beijing on Thursday lowered the response level of the emergencies of the virus from the first to the second level, but the temperature controls and the social distancing remain in force.
The change comes at the start of the five-day holiday of May 1 and ahead of the rescheduled meeting of China's National People's Congress on May 22.
The sessions have been delayed since the beginning of March. The two-week annual meetings are largely ceremonial, with legislative stamping decisions previously taken by the leaders of the Communist Party, but in typical years they are a colorful sight in the nation's capital. It is not yet clear whether the approximately 3,000 delegates would come to Beijing, or whether the sessions will be held practically via videoconferencing.
China reported 12 new virus cases on Friday, six of which were brought from abroad and no new deaths on the 16th day. It reported a total of 4,633 virus deaths among approximately 83,000 cases, mainly in the central city of Wuhan.
The most recent cases reported in China have been among travelers arriving from overseas or to a northeastern province near the Russian border.