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Life insurance: banks offering the best contracts

Despite declining life insurance returns, some institutions still manage to pay worthy compensation. On the euro fund of their life insurance, Banque Palatine and Crédit du Nord thus posted respective rates of 1.89 and 1.7% for 2016, deducted social security contributions. When the contracts disseminated in the major networks, whether old (Predissime 9 from Crédit Agricole, or Lionvie Vert Equateur from LCL) or new (Millevie Essentielle, at Caisses d'Epargne), paid only 1.1% net. Less than inflation, therefore, but also than any ELP opened before August 2016.

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Good performances also on the side of online banks, where net rates vary from 1.90 to 2.24% this year. All without any entry fees, while traditional networks average 3.5%. Another advantage of these brands: they do not limit their range to only house products, but open it to those of the competition. There are, for example, more than 150 funds available from Fortuneo or Boursorama Banque, in addition to the euros fund.

Where customers, admittedly neophytes, of Savings Banks must be satisfied with a dozen funds. This explains why, once again this year, online establishments take first place on our charts.

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(1) Euro funds accessible at 100% of payments. (2) From the euros fund. (3) Not relevant, the contract having been launched in 2016.

Classification methodology, relating to consumer contracts: addition of the 2016 euro fund rate, expressed in percentage points and multiplied by 5, and the cumulative rate over three years, expressed in percentage points. Bonus of 40 points if the range is equal to or greater than 200 funds, of 20 points if it is between 50 and 199 funds, of 10 points if it is between 20 and 49 funds. 25 points bonus if the entry fee is zero, 15 points if they are between 0.1 and 1.9%, 5 points if they are between 2 and 3.9%. 5-point bonus in the event of a second euro fund available. 5 point bonus if real estate support is available in the range. For new contracts, the three-year rate was calculated by multiplying the 2016 rate by three. For contracts on which no euro fund is available that is accessible at 100% of its payments (BforBank Life, Agir du Crédit Coopératif contract), the 2016 rate of the euro fund has been weighted to the extent of the possible share of payment on it. ci, that is to say 75 and 80%.