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Read our savings guide to understand the basics, then progress step by step by following this route:

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Tax exemption

What about more rushed readers who don't have time to go through this roadmap?

First read our article on asset allocation to define your strategy and investment plan. Then go directly to what interests you:

Build a balanced heritage to generate a good return. Our savings pyramid:

Maslow Pyramid Heritage Savings

So, you certainly have room for maneuver to better place and invest? We are there for that ! Dare to take the first step and you will be delighted in a few years.

What to invest in? Choose the best investments for your savings

We are 2 passionate investors and we decided to create Avenue des Investisseurs (ADI for friends) in early 2018 to share our knowledge. This site starts from the observation that the French save a lot but badly. The French household savings rate was 14% in 2018, which is quite high. But the latest study from the AMF (Autorité des Marchés financiers) tells us that the French invest long-term in current accounts or in low-paying products: passbook A, LDDS, shares, life insurance in mediocre euro funds with fees. on payments.

In the long term, the shortfall compared to more relevant investments is enormous: if French savers increase their yield by 1%, they collectively earn 50 billion euros per year. The potential for French heritage development is therefore significant, but wasted.

However, a few hours of reading would be enough to get rich on the scale of a lifetime. Rather than spending time with your “advisor”, take the time to read, starting with our guide “Investing for Dummies”. This site is an information portal for you, investors. Be an entrepreneur in your heritage. You will improve your investments and investments and more easily realize your projects. On Avenue des Investisseurs, it's our workhorse. has thought of beginners. We explain the basics of savings

Have you filled in your Livret A and your PEL and your savings are dying on your current account? Or quite simply, you have for the first time the capacity to save and you want to be put on good rails rather than to listen religiously to your “banker” who touts in all “impartiality” his fabulous products?

Do you know the principle of compound interest? Do you know how to take advantage of this to greatly increase your wealth in the coming years? How to invest, organize and diversify your investment? We answer all the essential questions to get started and set up a winning strategy for your savings. And to illustrate, we present here 3 practical cases to invest well.

Online banks. In addition to being free, they combine the advantages

How about going to an online bank? Advantages: the current account and the Visa Premier or Gold Mastercard are free. Even better, you can call your advisor for extended hours, find a great savings product, or get credit with a great rate. It saves time and money. In practice, to facilitate the transition, you can stay in your traditional bank in parallel, the time to switch everything.

Life insurance. We take stock of this product and find you the best life insurance

You have just received interest from your euro life insurance fund and it is once again disappointing: 1.17% gross for life insurance at 3% fees on payment. However, the best euro funds still deliver more than 2% in 2019, free of charge on payment. In practice, you can hold several life insurance policies and you can withdraw your money at any time, within an advantageous tax framework.

The preferred savings product of the French offers multiple possibilities to build a solid savings in several years. We present to you all of these investment solutions, whether you prefer the reassuring security of the euro fund or the dynamism of managed life insurance. In addition, we also introduce you to the best life insurance brokers. For example our opinion on the broker Linxea who distributes several of the best contracts.

Invest in the stock market. We explain how to act with simplicity and efficiency

Did your PEA managed by your private bank earn you 8% in 2019 while the CAC 40 made + 30% in 2019? And your life insurance in managed management in dynamic profile had a performance of + 10% in 2019 while the MSCI World equity index rose by + 30%? Obviously, you are not in the best position to take full advantage of market performance.

The scholarship is not just for experts. Thus, it is entirely possible to take advantage of the good long-term performance of the equity markets without spending significant time monitoring your portfolio. We take stock of the best solutions for investing in the stock market. You will see that successful investments are accessible to everyone. For example via managed management, read our opinion on Yomoni and our opinion on Nalo.

Invest in real estate. We compare all possible solutions

The real estate investment is not reduced to the purchase of the main residence (buy or rent?) Or the purchase of apartment for rental. Indeed, there are plenty of solutions for investing in real estate depending on your situation, so how to invest in real estate as smartly as possible? We compare the different means of investing in real estate, in particular via the very comfortable “stone-paper”: SCPI, our opinion on real estate crowdfunding and real estate companies (SIIC and REIT).

The philosophy of

This site aims to be as educational as possible. We tried to popularize at best, because knowing how to manage personal finances should not be reserved for an elite. We naturally indicate what we think we are the best investments for each category (life insurance, stock market, real estate, tax exemption). These are the ones we are personally invested in, as they have proven to be the best after market research. We offer you become an entrepreneur of your life, rather than suffer it and rely solely on your employer and / or the state to provide you with a comfortable life. So you can be easier and more serene, because less dependent on the job market and the PAYG pension system.

First of all, we invite you to read the fundamentals guide and think about your asset allocation.

  • Because we don’t want you to invest blindly,
  • because you have to understand before placing,
  • because this is your money – probably hard earned,
  • so that you can objectively decide what is right for you.

We strongly recommend that you read the guide in the order displayed in the menu, because you must understand the basics of savings before attacking the heart of the matter and before any decision is taken. Then you will better understand the recommended products. You don't have to be wealthy to have access to the best savings products: excellent life insurance is available from € 100, as is the PEA.

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