How much does life insurance cost per month?– Get a quote in 3 minutes

Article originally published on April 5, 2014 and updated on November 15, 2019

Woman discovering the costs of life insurance
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Today, people shop for life insurance on our website. There are hundreds and hundreds to choose this means of premium comparison. And for good reason! They are able to think without pressure and receive all the information available about interest rates from financial institutions at a glance. They see all the offers, both those from Desjardins, as well as those from banks and life insurance companies. As a result, they choose life insurance suited to their needs and their financial situation. In other words, they choose THE best life insurance there is.

How much does life insurance cost?

Examples of how much life insurance costs per month

Life insurance well suited to your needs, and taking into account your financial situation, can cost as little as $ 10 per month. Here are some examples of life insurance costs, both for women aged 30 and 60, to demonstrate this to you:

Life insurance costs for a non-smoking woman insured at $ 100,000

As you can see, it is possible to be insured for a very small amount. It's about opting for simple life insurance. In this case, upon your death and according to your wishes, you will leave an amount to pay debts or an inheritance to those you love. Also be aware that life insurance is payable to your heirs, whether or not it has surrender values. In any case, life insurance in the event of an accident is desirable: you never know what life has in store for you.

Before deciding on a life insurance policy and what amount to choose, take the time to compare. Go to our site to see the difference in premiums between financial institutions. You have no reason to pay more!

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