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Our refrigerators tell a story of sustenance.
They serve as a symbol of abundance and family and nourishment of the body.
This is inside.
For many the outside reminds us of how we feed our souls.
There, we assemble that mix of magic and banal, in which the cards of the appointments and the schedules of football mix with the masterpieces of children and grandchildren, all drawn with love.
The photographs remind us of those we love and the decorative magnets that remind us of where we have been supported by everything on this device which is the centerpiece of the place we call home.
– Scott Simmons
¦ Evan Williams, Staff Writer, Florida Weekly "I just moved to a new place, so I don't have much on my fridge. At the top there are some citrus fruits, zucchini, garlic, old dishes, a pan Le Creuset is my favorite red spatula. "
¦ Mila Bridger, art photographer “Kitty is Nola, and every time she jumps down she takes half of the magnets out of the fridge. There is a map with the United Airline connecting flights to understand our flights and I usually do it after dinner with a glass of wine (that's why the map is on the fridge: easy access). We barely use the water system, so I use it to keep the herbs from my garden ready for cooking. Some travel magnets (one from Singapore with fines listed for waste, eating, pissing in public, etc., others from Japan, Ecuador, Taiwan, Poland). There were others, but Nola shot them down. Recycle the instructions, which I keep because I wrote a quote about it from Jeanne Sweeney: "Let me find the art in you". I had to write it somewhere and now I read it every time I open the fridge. Photos of me and Ryan. In one, I am sitting in the office chair and Ryan is pushing me down the street after Hurricane Irma. It is a reminder to enjoy every moment – carpe diem ".
¦ Mike Martin, president of Florida Gulf Coast University This is a photo of his refrigerator in Minnesota, with works by Logan and Charlie. "Every time I open the refrigerator, I am reminded of how much I like being a grandfather (" Dad "for these two)," writes Martin. "And their art is a testimony to the joy and discovery of childhood."
¦ Eric Strachan, publisher, Florida Weekly Naples edition “My wife Kathy is the keeper of the refrigerator decoration for the most part. Change photos on a semi-regular basis, depending on which vacation is coming or what is going on. The surface of our refrigerator can be summed up in one perfect word: Family. "
¦ Heidi Lange, co-owner of Sandman Books, Punta Gorda Her fridge includes a recipe from her sister, a label from an empty package that reminds her that she needs a new D-string for her pedal harp (present since January), and a photo of his son Tyrion at the age of 5 (now 16). "The most emotionally significant but perhaps the strangest element: the annual confirmation postcard for our Dragon Con subscriptions," writes Lange. "The convention is held during Labor Day weekend, but I keep the postcard in some prominent place all year because it reminds us not to take anything too seriously and that we have something to look forward to, it doesn't matter how much worse things get. "
¦ Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, the first golf couple: “In our house, family and food have created many wonderful memories! Our refrigerator reminds us of our many blessings every day and why it is important to keep everyone we love safe and sound. " – Barbara Nicklaus
¦ Carol Tedesco, publicist and photographer, Historic Shipwreck Professional Services “We have a lot of memories about our refrigerator – mostly collected and placed there by Michael Shields, because he and I are always looking for a balance between my love of & # 39; white space & # 39; and his preference for visual stimulation – everywhere. He's not here right now, so that's what I chose to send you, and why: a magnetic photo of Alison Higgins and Gabriel Price. I think Alison and Gabe embody the best of the wild, wonderful, fun loving and community spirit of Key West. The same goes for the baby's coffee magnet. I saw on Facebook that Baby & # 39; s Coffee has a sign on their door that says their staff have been paid full wages for the next four weeks for NOT coming to work because "… it's the right thing to to do." "
¦ Angela Hogan, CEO, Gulf Coast Partnership, Charlotte County
¦ Lydia Antunes Black, executive director of the Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers "Unfortunately, I'm a non-magnetic type of refrigerator. Boring, boring, boring! … However, in my fridge it explodes with colorful goodness !!! "
Fr Morgan Fraga Pierson, Studio Operations Director, Wonderdog Studios “This is a fun idea! I've always loved the "grandmother's fridge" as I like to call it – chock full of magnets, photos and newspaper clippings. We got into the habit of collecting magnets every time we travel. They serve as a nice memento of our travels and contain everything from invitations for weddings and baby showers to photos of loved ones and newspaper clippings. "
¦ Rachel Burttram and Brendan Powers, actors and members of the Florida Repertory Theater ensemble A series of photos of family and friends, memorabilia of theater memorabilia near and far, reflections of the Politician … This colorful photograph of our lives together it includes Italy, pink spatulas, DHOP coupons and football from the University of Alabama. Black kittens and butterflies and a Tibetan bell that rings when the door is opened.
¦ Laura Richardson, editor, Florida Key West weekly edition “My (but beautiful) stainless steel refrigerator really limits my magnetic options, so I have to be careful what I hang in the small space I have. I gave priority to the photos of the photo booths with my girlfriend from the wedding of my childhood best friend, the magnets that make me smile (including one from my favorite restaurant in Vernazza and a theatrical work that I have done many moons ago), and a colorful Save the Date for a wedding in Big Sky I can't wait to participate in October. "
¦ Nadereh Salim, CEO, Southwest Florida Children's Network, Fort Myers “This is a photo of my freezer in my garage and I see it every day when I get in the car. The general theme is FAMILY. The photos of my family, when the children were young and depended on us to take care of them, remind me of how important parents are for their children and vice versa. The most important thing in my life is my family, and this is also the mission of my organization, the Southwest Florida Children's Network, to protect our children and preserve our families. The word ADVOCATE is my motto: never stop fighting for all children and never give up. This is especially true now more than ever. Love your family and go do gators! "
¦ Sherrie Moody, executive director, Charlotte Giocatori “The stainless steel refrigerator is in our kitchen with a couple of photographic Christmas cards. The other refrigerator (for drinks, wine, beer, basic necessities) is in our laundry room. That is covered in magnets from which our family has traveled. "
¦ Nancy Klingener, Florida Keys reporter, WLRN News "Our stainless steel refrigerator doesn't like magnets, so we attach things to our Sears Craftsman tool cart, which we use as a chest of drawers for things in our living room. My favorite thing there are the homemade Star Trek signs (made of cardboard) that we used the magnets to wear for the Fantasy Fest 2017 – the theme was time travel and we were the red shirts of Star Trek (the non-regular cast members who always be killed). He also received a couple of snapshots from a Christmas party taken by a dear friend, Dianne Zolotow, who is no longer with us. So they are precious. And other random things like a ticket for parking poems that a Miami prankster left on our car when he was parked in front of the Key West Studios. I also fell in love completely and was really angry until I took a look more closely. The poem is "A: From:" by Orhan Veli, a Turkish poet. "
¦ Jacki Liszak, President, Greater Fort Myers Beach Area Chamber of Commerce “The photos of the parents who died on our refrigerator remind us of our family and our heritage. Their faces ask us to be good administrators of the legacy they have left for us. We pay homage to our fathers with the magnet of our veteran and with the magnet of the plane P-38 (both of our fathers were veterinarians of the Second World War, my father piloted the P-38 and the father of Scott fixed the P-38). We recently found out that they were spending time together on the same air bases long before they were even dreamed! There are also magnets from some of our favorite places on the planet that we have visited. You can see that New Orleans plays an important role in our life with the many NOLA-themed objects in this photo. A cup of Frosty and a starfish from Green Bay refer to our hometown. Sloths are my favorite animal on the planet and Scott's love for his grandchildren is evident in the sunset photo of him and his granddaughter Remy! "
¦ Janeen Mason, author and illustrator and curator of national fame at Lighthouse ArtCenter, Tequesta “This morning I had a nice walk in memory. A hit is our daughter, Kate, when she was about 3 years old, holding "Cuda Kitty to Captain Paul (now The Square Grouper – a restaurant and bar in Jupiter). That cat was a terror, only two people could touch it: Rick , the boy who fed him fresh fish, and Kate who adored him, hugged him, stroked him and chased him. Everyone who knew the cat got angry. Now Kate is 38 and lives in Pittsburgh, where she does it's cold and raining. He has a 5 year old daughter who is the best friend of their 250 pound mastiff. They could have been lion tamers. We have 10 grandchildren, so you see them appearing again and again here in the family gallery. my treasures. "
¦ Keith Callaghan, executive director of the Florida SouthWestern State College Foundation
¦ Cathy Cottrill, Florida Weekly editor, rider and rescuer of the golden retriever, Fort Myers “Everything about this door has a meaning. These photos make me smile or evoke happy memories. From the top left corner: favorite photo of my older sister, Judith Thompson, taken by good friend Dennis Guyitt. Top right: beautiful December wedding photos of my best friend Cheryl Malagon's stepson, Michael, and his lovely bride, Haylee, who has become a good friend. Below: our first "family" Christmas card, around 2012, with the beloved golden boys Cassidy and Jake, who are no longer with us. "
¦ Laura Tichy-Smith, Staff Writer, Florida Weekly, Fort Myers “Rather than being a display, our refrigerator is more like a vertical" desk "on which to throw objects and a" desktop "for food. The collection includes interesting recipes that I thought I'd try, but then I forgot, the transport menus from the restaurants from which I order instead, pieces of empty packaging in the clamp that serves as a visual reminder for the shopping list (what my boyfriend insists on refer to "garbage" attached to the fridge), coupons that are left perpetually when the object must be purchased and therefore the important veterinary telephone numbers because they must be where it is possible to find them in an emergency. It's not fascinating, but it works – in a way. "
¦ Teri Lamaine, president and executive director, Bonita Springs Service Office “My refrigerator is all about my faith, my family and our community. The DO / AC does not concern air conditioning; is the marketing logo for Atlantic City. I am proud to have been born and raised there as a fourth generation Lamaine. "
¦ Lyn Milner, professor of journalism at FGCU and Jesse Milner, poet and writing instructor at FGCU "Our refrigerator was much more interesting," says Lyn Milner. "There was a kit of magnetic poems (edition for dog lovers) in which our housekeeper delighted. Often she composed obscene messages that sometimes we found weeks after a trip. When we listed our house last July, our realtor said, "Nothing on the fridge. People want to be able to imagine themselves in your home. "Which brings me to the current front of the refrigerator, created because I love gymnastics classes, so I have collected many options for myself, organized by the day and hour."
¦ David Sloan, author of "The New Key West Bucket List", "Roosters are assholes" and "Haunted Key West" "Our refrigerator is the same model as what appears in The Brady Bunch. Includes a Drag Queen Bingo magnet by QMitch, an inspirational quote from Walt Whitman, Ms. Sloan's insane teaching program, Sloan's "Daily Options" list, a "Where's Bum Farto?" sticker, a reminder we love the pizza, a reminder to lie in bed and eat, the art of Gregg McGrady and the dressing room, the dog art from our electrician and a $ 2 check from the United States Treasury. Oh. C & # 39; is also a photo on my fridge naked in the peanut barrel in the chart room. "
Rad Eric Raddatz, presentation editor, Florida weekly “I can say treasure with your teeth closed. With the refrigerator door closed you can see that I'm pretty boring, but a humble husband and father with my son's art and some photos that brighten my day every time I pass and eat. "
¦ Randy Henderson, Mayor of Fort Myers “These images and sayings are what we are fond of. Of course, our grandchildren, family weddings, words of encouragement. Everything brightens our day and serves as a reminder of the most important parts of life. "
¦ Alexia Martin, WhitCo Insurance, Alexia Martin Agency, Charlotte County “My forehead for my obsessive compulsive disorder must be clean but the side has a beautiful photo of my daughter Gabby, who is my favorite in her cheerleader outfit and a reminder that my 2 dogs are spoiled because i love them so much! "
¦ Donna Barrett, CEO, Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association "Thanks for letting me know that I need to update my photos on my refrigerator."
¦ Mike Kiniry, producer / conductor of "Gulf Coast Life" and co-creator / conductor of "Three Song Stories" "For me, my fridge front has always been a place for what I think of as memory talismans – small pieces of life that has passed. The whiteboard was created by my daughter starting in fourth grade to help her memorize more digits. These days she is a freshman in high school and has about 50 digits burned in her brain, probably all her life from the sound (I always told her that one day it would be a bar trick). She started memorizing after being challenged by a boy in the classroom, and since her birthday on March 14 she took the challenge particularly seriously. "
¦ Mark Foley, a former congressman, 16th district of Florida: the former congressman, who is being treated for cancer, lives in West Palm Beach, but is opting to take refuge in his second home, ad Asheville, NC There, he has a minimalist approach to his refrigerator, placing only one magnet, from a trip he and his partner Ryan Ruark took Biltmore with friends Bill Bone and Brian Brady, the last guests of his home in North Carolina . "It makes me want the good ole days of the house guests," he wrote.
¦ Karen Schaeffer, general manager of Sweet Melissa & # 39; s Cafe on Sanibel Island “A lot of pug stuff, since I'm a pug owner, souvenirs of various trips to New Orleans, Berlin, Paris and the my hometown of Philadelphia, the business cards of every repairman I have ever used. Many stickers … The front is minimalist. "
¦ Melanie Markel, owner, Array of Cabinets, Charlotte County
¦ Wendie Vestfall, director of tourism, Punta Gorda / Englewood Beach Visitor and Convention Office “These are my two favorite quotes. They are also somewhat related to travel. The photos are of me and my boyfriend Todd Dolkos during this year's spring training; and then my cat is called Rowdy (named after my favorite NASCAR driver) ".