Life insurance calculator to get an immediate estimate– Get a quote today

How did we estimate the amount of your life insurance?

The proposed amount is indicative and represents an estimate of the amount of life insurance that you may need to ensure the financial security of your loved ones. It is estimated based on your income, your debts, your dependents and the expenses that could entail the financing of your children's education. The amount also takes into account the payment of your funeral costs and is also influenced by the insurance coverages you may already have.

How did we estimate the cost of your insurance?

The monthly cost of your life insurance is calculated from the information you have entered KIND, SMOKING, AGE years. It is therefore influenced by your age, gender, smoking status and the amount of protection in your life insurance. The cost of protection is based on 20-year term life insurance from iA Financial Group. Please note that it is likely that you will have to undergo medical examinations when purchasing life insurance. The results of your exams could influence the cost of your insurance.

A full analysis of your situation by a financial security advisor will allow you to know your exact needs and obtain a product adapted to your situation.