All life insurance: contract details– Get a quote today

To find the life insurance that corresponds to your objectives and your needs, several criteria must be taken into account: the different management methods (management under mandate, management on the internet, with a personalized advisor …), the type contract, the number of supports available … To maximize the return on your life insurance, it is also important to look at the fees that apply to the contract (fees on payments, annual management fees, etc.). Panorabanques also provides you with, for each contract, the returns of euro funds from previous years. Panorabanques allows you to see establishment by establishment more than 40 fees, options and services of life insurance contracts. To make your life easier, Panorabanques also allows you to compare all these life insurance policies: in less than 2 minutes, you can view the contracts that best meet your expectations in terms of services and those that will allow you to obtain the best yields.