Is it essential to take out a life accident guarantee?– Get a quote today

You have heard of the GAV, or accident insurance, and you are wondering if it is worth subscribing to it. This contract will indemnify you against accidents of private and daily life, whether you are responsible or not. But what is a life accident?

Risks covered

Home accidents are common and most of the time not serious. Unfortunately, it can happen that they leave disabling consequences, which can have many consequences and cost you dearly.

If Social Security and complementary health cover any medical costs, it will be up to you to pay for the complications that follow.

By subscribing a life accident guarantee, you can do it individually or also cover your family members, you protect yourself against certain risks such as:

  • Household accidents of all types (fall, burn, poisoning, etc.)
  • Medical accidents (illness contracted in hospital, problem during anesthesia …)
  • Natural or technological disasters
  • Attacks or assaults
  • Accidents occurring within the framework of leisures (sport, travel…), within the limits of the contract

Good news, if you are abroad (check with your insurer if it works for your destination) you are covered for three months.

Limits of the guarantee

GAV often operates in addition to other insurance. Some risks are therefore not covered.

This is the case for road accidents as well as work accidents, which give rise to specific contracts.

The insurer may also exclude certain practices, considered to be dangerous. Extreme sports are most often concerned (motor racing, free fall, etc.).

Compensation provided

The compensation is there to repair the physical damage and its consequences on the personal, moral, material life of the insured and his family.

The insurer establishes in the contract a rate of incapacity (IPP rate) from which the guarantee takes effect. This will be measured by a doctor. It corresponds to the degree of sequelae observed, on a scale of 0 to 100%.

Conventional contracts offer compensation from an incapacity rate of 30%, but some insurers start at 5 or 10%. The contributions will then be higher.

Once this rate has been validated, certain costs will be covered, such as the adaptation of the accommodation or the vehicle, permanent assistance by a third person, loss of income, cosmetic damage, pleasure, suffering suffered, permanent functional deficit, the funeral in the event of the death of the insured.

“There is a compensation limit, which is usually 1 million euros.”

Compensation must occur within five months of notification of the accident and the insurer has one month to pay this compensation once the agreement has been validated with the victim.

The life accident cover therefore offers you cover in the event of an accident and can be an attractive additional insurance.

Contributions vary from one insurer to another but remain affordable – around € 15 per month. In any case, do not hesitate to compare the offers of different insurers and their GAV products.

What is a life accident? The daily answers you:

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