Choosing accident insurance for daily life– Get a quote in minutes

Would you like insurance? Not sure which one to choose for everyday accidents? Choosing insurance is not easy. The choice of insurance is crucial. There are several options that you will need to consider. Insurance is different depending on its nature. There are several types of insurance, including accident insurance. Through this video, Jean Christophe Vauquieres, director at April ( gives you explanations on accident insurance. He then gives you advice on choosing a daily accident insurance. Just follow the video to find out more.

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The importance of accident insurance You are not always safe from accidents. The accident of everyday life can be: – a fall at home – a DIY accident. You can also have an accident while playing a sport. daily lives are a significant number each year. The victims are seriously injured after an accident. In some cases, the victims keep a permanent disability. It is however important to prevent these accidents.

Which insurance to choose? Accidents of daily life are covered by: -social security-conventional insurance.Know that the coverage of accidents of daily life is very low.There are insurance to cover these financial costs.You can however call on: – life accident guarantee – family accident guarantee. These insurances are economical. You can acquire them around 20 Euros per month. It covers you individually. Your family can also benefit from this insurance.

How to choose insurance properly? There are 3 tips for choosing the right accident insurance for daily living. First, you will need to know the threshold for triggering your compensation. You will be compensated according to your disability rate. It is however advisable to prefer contracts that trigger the 10% disability. You will then have to check the compensation mode. There are two compensation modes: -lump sum- indemnity. It is advisable to favor the lump sum mode. You can touch the amount for which you are insured in flat-rate mode. On the other hand, in indemnity mode, all the aids that you have received elsewhere will be deducted. You will also have to inquire about the age limit of your contract. age, the older you are, the more likely you are to have accidents. Now you know how to choose a accident insurance for daily life.