NEWSOM to talk REOPENING — CADEM’s HICKS blasted over BAUMAN report — GRENELL denies SCHIFF — MCCARTHY pushes PELOSI on opening HOUSE – Get your quote in a couple of minutes

THE BUZZ – It boils down to tests. Govern. Gavin Newsom promised us more details today on his broad six-point picture for California emerging from a coronavirus-induced blockade. These prerequisites include the state capable of assessing the trajectory of the virus by testing infections and monitoring the impact on the most vulnerable, a requirement that underlines the persistent shortages of equipment that have undermined the response of the coronavirus in California and in the whole nation. It has made progress since the announcement of a test task force that enlists private laboratories and universities, working through a backlog and strengthening from a previous capacity of 2,000 tests per day to around 14,500 per day. The target of 25,000 per day by the end of this month is in sight, although the lack of tampons and viral means continues to hinder the effort. But these figures do not answer the indispensable question: how many tests are sufficient to reopen? On Tuesday the governor admitted that this is not a fixed figure but a "very dynamic" goal that can vary "depending on who you speak to." MP Phil Ting got an equally delicate response when he lobbied an administration official on Monday to define how many tests we need to be able to conduct every day "to return to some sort of normalcy" and when we get there . The closest he got was a commitment to provide this information soon. "Soon" could it be today? We will know in a few hours. But aside from immunity to the vaccine and herd which is probably still more than a year away, the expanded tests could be the hinge that allows California to reopen. Companies are also looking for more clarity on what reopening looks like, says POLYTIC's Katy Murphy, as they prepare to navigate a new world of persistent restrictions and a potential patchwork of different regulations. BUENOS DIAS, good Wednesday morning. According to Newsom, a previously planned expansion of Medi-Cal to undocumented seniors is unlikely to occur this year due to dire budgetary constraints, but lawmakers are still pushing: Senator Maria Elena Durazo , the David Chiu assembly and the Joaquin Arambula assembly are relying on their case today in a call with the defenders. QUOTE OF THE DAY: “We are carefully examining some of these rules that are put in place and, if we think that one goes too far, we initially try to send the governors to roll them back or regulate them. And if they aren't, and people are filing lawsuits, we file a declaration of interest and take sides with the plaintiffs. "Attorney General Bill Barr tells Hugh Hewitt about putting pressure on states with strict restrictions on coronavirus. TEXTILE OF THE DAY: MEP Melissa Melendez @AsmMelendez highlights privacy concerns: "Technology giants like Google and Apple want us to be tracked down and tracked down as part of COVID19 answer. NO NO NO THOUSANDS OF TIMES NO. MM" WHERE IS GAVIN? His daily briefing #NewsomAtNoon, which will be streamed on @CAGovernor's Twitter feed, will update the news of Covid-19 in California. Subscribe to POLITICO Nightly: Coronavirus Special Edition, your daily update on how disease is affecting politics, markets, public health and more.

A message from the Last Chance Alliance:

During this respiratory pandemic, we depend on clean air and healthy lungs. However, California's oil regulators are carelessly expanding fracking, allowing Big Oil to pollute communities and threaten public health. Over 700 community, health, climate and job organizations urge Governor Newsom to protect people, not pollutants. No new fossil fuels. To know more.

– "Steyer emerges as an economic person of Newsom – and business groups are worried", by Carla Marinucci of the POLITICIAN: "He signed millions of voters in an attempt to impeach President Donald Trump and run for the White House as a crusader against fossil fuels all in the last year. But billionaire Tom Steyer can now put California companies back on track during the coronavirus crisis? "-" California Democrats get angry at that party that refuses to issue investigations into Bauman's misconduct ", by POLITICIAN Jeremy B. White:" President Rusty Hicks announced last week that an investigation into (Eric) Bauman's conduct had been completed but would not be released out of deference to the victims, which Hicks says may still talk if they wanted to. "TRAGIC TALE -" A nurse saw her father die of coronavirus in her hospital. She couldn't help him. " , by Angel Jennings of the Los Angeles Times. – "Coyotes, hawks, deer and other wildlife are claiming Los Angeles territory while humans stay home," by Louis Sahagun of the Los Angeles Times: "Although local experts insist that these creatures were always there, and that they were simply ignored in more laborious times, refuge – homosexuals are enjoying a rare glimpse of southern California's natural heritage. "

THE BEGINNING – "Revelation of the autopsy of Santa Clara: the first known death of the coronavirus was on February 6", by Victoria Colliver of the POLITICIAN: "Officials of the county of Santa Clara reported tonight that the results The autopsy revealed that the first person died from coronavirus in the county on February 6 – making it the first known death in the country associated with the virus and indicating that Covid-19 was probably circulating earlier than previously thought. " (Link Pro) SHOCKING – "Black Californians have died of coronaviruses at twice their share of the population," by Jeremy B. White of the POLITICIAN: "African Americans in California are dying of coronaviruses at a rate twice that of the state population, according to new state data that breaks down the racial impact of the pandemic. Officials have worked in the past few weeks to disseminate data on race deaths – an effort that reflects the accumulation of evidence that minorities have suffered disproportionately . "(Link Pro) REVEALED -" California sets guidelines on which to prioritize patients if hospitals are overwhelmed by coronavirus, "by LATimes & # 39; Taryn Luna.—" The inner story of how the area is of the bay anticipated the COVID-19 crisis, "by Angela Hart and Anna Maria Barry-Jester of Kaiser Health News:" Now, officials across the nation are considering how to lift isolation orders as the rate of trans COVID-19 mission slows down – and protests against orders increase. The Bay Area is ready to drive again, but with one caveat: this could be futile if it is not done well. "PRICE POINT -" Becerra, 19 other AGs ask 3M to help prevent price cuts ", by POLITICIAN Debra Kahn— "From swimmers to a trumpet player, local violators on the spot get quotes," by Michael Cabantuan of SF Chronicle— "San Diego to reopen neighborhood parks when promising signs of struggle emerge COVID-19, "of the Los Angeles Times' Gary Warth:" (Mayor Kevin) Faulconer said he spoke with the mayors of other coastal cities to discuss a safe, gradual and coordinated approach to opening a sort of access to water ". -" Antibody tests reveal the spread of coronavirus in California, but not those who are immune ", by Erin Allday and Sarah Ravani of the SF Chronicle:" At the moment, scientists say that it is impossible know if an individual is at s safe from coronavirus based on an antibody test. "-" Four other people died of coronaviruses like Tulare County at the top of the region in cases, dead, "by Joshua Tehee of The Fresno Bee. With the help of the COVID monitoring project – a volunteer-managed accounting every coronavirus test conducted in America – POLITICAL is monitoring how many Americans have been tested in all 50 states.Our live tracker will continue to update with the latest issues across the country as soon as they arrive.

THE TRUMP TACTIC – "Gavin Newsom & # 39; s Nation-State", by The Atlantic & # 39; s Todd S. Purdum: "" About 40 percent of the state is more likely to hear Trump than he is, "he told me Newsom's assistant, speaking on condition of anonymity to be honest. Part of his rhetoric was not alienating those people – knowing that they would have to make a real sacrifice – to build trust with that part of the state, in so that they would pay attention to him when it was time to take mandatory action. "

DENIED – "Grenell rejects Schiff's request to stop the community review", by politician Kyle Cheney: "The head of interim intelligence of President Donald Trump, Richard Grenell, has rejected a request by the chairman of the committee of House Intelligence Adam Schiff for details on his efforts to reorganize the leadership of the office he is temporarily managing. "IMMIGRATION:" Trump will stop most green papers, with notable exceptions "by POLITICIAN Anita Kumar:" I so-called essential workers, including health workers, will still be able to receive green cards, as will members of the nuclear family. And, in particular, the administration will also continue to process visas for temporary workers, the largest source of immigration at the moment. "-" DeVos excludes undocumented university students from emergency aid ", by Michael Stratford of POLITICO.VIA PLAYB OOK PM – MCCARTHY PUSHES PELOSI: The minority leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy, sent a letter to the rapporteur Nancy Pelosi "to request that we work to establish a clear, safe and effective plan to reopen Congress". This is the highest Republican Republican – the highest GOP legislator in the Chamber – who is pressing for a return to a semblance of normality. This is also of great interest to the White House. Give it a read.

A message from the Last Chance Alliance:

– "Transport Workers Union pours $ 450K in fight against concert company initiative," by Jeremy B. White of POLITICIAN: "The Transport Workers of America has been active in California's efforts to organize drivers, claiming that are reclassified under CA AB5 (19R) and to guarantee wages and unemployment benefits. "(Link Pro)

TECH DIVIDE – "Rural leaders: students have few options for remote learning because of the Internet gap", by Politician Mackenzie Mays: "Technology giants have donated thousands of tablets and hot spots to California students in an attempt to bridge the "digital divide" as learning has gone a long way, but state lawmakers say it means nothing to rural families who don't yet have adequate Internet infrastructure. "(Pro link) HILELESS DILEMMA – "Will SF embrace "safe" camp sites during the coronavirus pandemic? "Trisha Thadani and Kevin Fagan of SF Chronicle:" Supervisor Rafael Mandelman unveiled a resolution on Tuesday urging the city to turn empty parking lots into sanctioned camps where homeless people could set up their tents – six feet away – and also access to bathrooms, hand washing stations, meals, drinking water and waste disposal during the coronavirus pandemic. "-" California publishes an incomplete list of housing facilities assisted with infections, "by Thomas Peele and Annie Sciacca of Mercury News. AERIAL SITUATION – "California's heavily polluted air can increase toll coronavirus death," by Kurtis Alexander of SF Chronicle: "The American Lung Association air condition report, released on Tuesday, it indicates that the main metropolitan areas for particle pollution throughout the year in the United States are all in California. "

BIG BUCKS – "Facebook sets a record with its first quarter lobbying spend," by POLITICIAN Steven Overly: "Lobby disclosures show that the social network giant paid $ 5.26 million in the first quarter of 2020, a period that includes the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States "(Link Pro) -" The leader of the coronavirus privacy group "riot", "POLITICIAN Steven Overly:" The longtime leader of the influential group Washington-based electronic defense is about to depart, the organization announced today, days after Protocol reported that it had continued to work, despite learning that it could have the new coronavirus. "-" Apple CEOs and Google should be held responsible for protecting coronavirus tracking data, "says GOP Senator Hawley," Lauren Feiner of CNBC.

– "Chief insurer sues to rule out coverage of Mark Geragos' COVID-19 losses," by Eriq Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter: "One of the first battles to watch out for could now take shape in California between a couple of quarrels set to analyze the meaning of this pandemic around the world. "

– "Protocol, at 11 weeks of age, is already firing a large portion of his staff", by Joshua Benton of Nieman Lab: "It was only two and a half months ago – or about 387 lives ago – that Protocol, the technical site launched from Politico's parent company, made its debut on the scene. "(Note: POLITICO protocol and share ownership.)

– "Garcetti pushes the law to protect displaced workers from replacing cheap labor", by Alene Tchekmedyian and Colleen Shalby of LATimes. "" Such a mess ": Bay Area businesses despair when government loans run out," by Shwanika of SF Chronicle Narayan and Roland Li.— "How San Francisco Unified Nurtured School Families in the Time of the Coronavirus", by Jessica Battilana in SF Chronicle. "" SF follows Oakland's example, closes some roads to cars during the pandemic, "written by Joe of the SF examiner Fitzgerald Rodriguez. -" Man barricading inside the Tenderloin building after the San Francisco police shootings ", by Alejandro Serrano, SF Chronicle. -" Fans sue MLB, teams for money, ask for class actions ", through the AP.

– "Lewis MacAdams, famous crusader for the Los Angeles River, dies at the age of 75" by Louis Sahagun of the Los Angeles Times. "Former Stanford president Donald Kennedy dies of COVID-19," by Jason Green of The Mercury News.

Bernardo Urquieta … Sana Ali … Brian Forde is the big 4-0 classified since Tuesday: Democratic adviser Debbie Mesloh …

A message from the Last Chance Alliance:

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, the data show that people living with toxic air pollution are more likely to die from the new coronavirus. However, oil companies continue to drill and pollute California communities. It is more important than ever for leaders to prioritize public health. We ask Governor Newsom to do everything possible to reduce air pollution by freezing all new permits for fossil fuels. Growing scientific evidence links proximity to fossil fuel production with serious health impacts, including cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Instead of listening to science, California's oil regulators are currently expanding fracking in the state. In the midst of this respiratory pandemic, we must put people first. The last thing we need is more toxic chemicals in the air that we breathe. News, gradual elimination of fossil fuel extraction for our health and our climate future. Read our statement.

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