Choosing Life Insurance |– Get a quote in 3 minutes

step 1

Choose between a contract in euro, unit of account or multi-support

You have the choice between several types of contract:

  • the euro contract: it is the least risky choice, you deposit sums in euro. This contract guarantees a positive rate of return on life insurance. His remuneration is however low;
  • the unit-linked contract: it is made up of stocks and bonds. The investment is more risky, but more profitable;
  • multi-support contracts: they make it possible to combine a euro fund and a unit of account fund, and to combine security and remuneration.

step 2

Compare establishments

To compare the life insurance savings contracts offered, you need to study several points: the rate of return on the euro fund, the funds in the unit-linked fund, the actions offered and the fees.

The low cost of fees is an important point for life insurance. They can be very numerous:

  • management fees;
  • arbitration fees, levied when you change media into unit of account;
  • payment fees, taken directly from each payment. They can make life insurance savings unprofitable when they are very high. You can find contracts free of charge on payment.