Best Life Insurance for New/Young Parents – Get our quote in a couple of minutes

Doing anything like a brand new parent is, well, difficult. My youngest child is just over a year old. And the last year has been to remember, "Oh yes, this is what it's like to have a baby." Between sleep deprivation and dirty diapers, who has time to do things like life insurance? But life insurance is more important than ever. So we did some shopping around for you! In this article, we will discuss specific insurance companies and products that may work for your growing family. We will not dive into issues like the amount of life insurance you need or why you should also be insured as a home parent. Click on the links to consult these topics if you are not sure how much insurance you actually need. Instead, we will talk here about several companies and products that may interest you as a new parent. A 2015 Bankrate survey showed that 37% of families with children under 18 have no life insurance. And 32% of those who have $ 100,000 or less in total coverage. These are truly frightening statistics for our families and children. Don't let your family be one of the unprotected ones. Use this quick guide to find affordable and easy-to-buy life insurance coverage for your family. A short note: here I will focus on term life insurance. Whole life insurance is appropriate for some families, but not for the majority. It is a much more complicated and expensive product that is not suitable for most new parents. Our Best Choice My current favorite option for life insurance is Haven Life. This new company is actually a derivation of the much older MassMutual. They win first place for new parents, particularly because they make shopping for term life insurance ridiculously quick and easy. You can get the question during those 10 minute newborn naps. Haven offers timed medical insurance. This means that you have to go through the hassle of verifying your medical information. It takes a little longer. But this generally translates into lower premiums. When an insurer can check that you are generally in good health, you will pay less per month for term policies. And that's definitely a good thing. Haven also allows you to make a quick estimate of how much you could pay for life insurance. If you're still faltering about whether or not a policy suits your budget for expensive diapers, use this tool before actually applying. Haven also offers a variety of term options, so that you can adapt the term to your needs. The policies are signed by MassMutual. Direct subscription means that if the worst happens, it will be easy enough for your family to get the money they owe. MassMutual also has excellent customer service ratings and a solid financial rating. This means that your policy is safe with them. Runner-up Our runner-up for the best life insurance for new parents is State Farm. Of course, I'm more of an old school company. Their online interface is not as smooth as that of Haven Life. Having said that, State Farm makes it really easy to buy different types of life insurance or add cyclists to your policy. For example, you may decide to add a small political pilot to insure your child. The State Farm interface also allows you to easily compare different types and amounts of criteria. You can also consult specialized types of term insurance, including returning the Premium term and immediate response. The Instant Response option allows you to get approval faster, which is useful if you need coverage right now. If you believe you are interested in a permanent life insurance policy, State Farm allows you to directly compare a term policy. Again, State Farm has excellent customer service ratings and excellent financial ratings. Our Selection Methodology So how did we get to this list of excellent life insurance options for new parents? A big factor is the ease of online application. Since you're so busy right now, I know it's important to be able to quickly apply online. Even if you need to follow a few follow-up steps, taking that first step quickly online gives you some momentum in the process. Note that many companies will only offer quotes online through the quote aggregation systems. So you could find a quote, for example, SBLI, in an online aggregator. But they won't give you a direct quote from their website. You will actually need to receive a phone call and complete the application to get a quote from the company itself. I have also considered things like the types of policies offered. It is important to be able to compare different amounts and policy terms so that you can find one that suits your needs and budget. And I looked at the financial ratings of the individual company. You should never buy life insurance from a company with a not-so-exceptional financial rating. He's just asking for a policy that society can't pay for when the time comes. When I was shopping, I managed the numbers of a healthy 32-year-old woman. I have looked at the $ 200,000 policies and various deadlines. Obviously, prices were also considered. Top 6 1. Haven Life I have already sung the praises of Haven. But know that it is supported by MassMutual, which has excellent financial ratings. The online application takes a little longer than others. It is more detailed with questions about your medical history and even about your driving history. This means that you will have to do less follow-up work to actually get insurance. Haven Life has had some excellent potential rates, especially if you are in excellent health. My estimates have gone back between $ 18 and $ 27 per month for a $ 200,000 policy – and this is with "average" health. 2. State Farm As I said above, I like that State Farm allows you to easily compare and compare different policy options during the application process. It's very convenient. And the company has a history of paying policies easily and on time, and has excellent financial assessments. They also have a useful calculator to help you understand how much life insurance you need in the first place. State Farm policies turned out to be a little more expensive, between $ 27 and $ 42 per month, depending on the term. However, this is not a huge premium to pay for good service and financial valuations. Return of Premium policies was between $ 95 and $ 97 per month. 3. AIG Life AIG Life is typically at the lower end when it comes to cost, which is a good thing. They have good financial ratings and an easy way to file a complaint online. This can make things easier for your family if the worst happens. You can request a quote online with AIG, but they will have to call you with the actual rate for your policy. It is however a fairly simple process. 4. Prudential Prudential has been around for a long time and has an A + financial rating from A.M. Best. Its online application system allows you to search for different terms, so you can easily compare the rewards. You can also purchase various cyclists, including an option that allows you to cash in on some of your lifetime benefits in the event of a terminal diagnosis. Prudential's reward averaged with others – $ 24- $ 30 a month for $ 200,000 coverage for a 32-year-old, non-smoking woman. 5. SBLI This company has excellent financial ratings, so you can trust that your policy will be paid for. You can ask a quick question online, then a representative will call you back to actually complete the application and get your quotes. They offer a variety of coverage amounts and flexible terms, so that you can customize your life insurance to suit your needs. 6. Fidelity Life If you are concerned about the outcome of a medical examination, Fidelity Life has a couple of guaranteed emission insurance policies. You can get them based on your medical history provided online, rather than an exam. They are more expensive policies: from $ 14 to $ 25 for a $ 100,000 policy, according to my quick quote. But they can be a useful option in certain situations. Their online application is not a complete quote. It only gives you a short quote, so you need to fill out the complete application and wait to speak with a representative. Ideal for new busy families who want to speed up the online process: Haven Life wins hands down if you are looking for a way to actually get a life insurance quote and complete most of the online process. Those with health problems: Fidelity Life offers guaranteed issue policies of up to $ 350,000. This is a higher coverage amount than that offered by many other companies as part of a guaranteed problem. If you are concerned that health problems prevent you from getting life insurance coverage, consider this option. Families with unique insurance needs – State Farm offers flexible conditions – more than Haven Life – and a range of cyclists to choose from. If you want a unique policy tailored to your exact needs, start shopping with State Farm. Factors to Consider Shopping for life insurance doesn't have to take forever or be incredibly difficult. Keep the following factors in mind while shopping: Ease of Application: Spending hours applying for life insurance and making medical appointments to get it is not a good thing when dealing with a new baby at home. That's why ease of application was at the top of my list when creating this review. Available Options: No need to shop with an insurance company that offers 10 different terms. You just need to find a supplier that offers the term and the amount of coverage you need. If you really need 20 years of coverage, don't opt ​​for 15 just because they are all offers from the insurer in question. Find another insurer who will offer what you need. Financial Valuation: Always check the current financial evaluation of the company in question. Don't opt ​​for a company with a less than stable rating. He's just asking for your potential future claim not to be paid because the company went under. Cost of Coverage: Paying for a really cheap coverage from a poorly valued company is not a good idea. But once you've narrowed your choices down to a handful of reputable companies, coverage costs are important. You want to be sure that you can afford the coverage in question month after month. Remember that you will lose coverage if you let your policy expire. So make sure you can pay for the policy even if times get tough. Policy Genius A service like Policy Genius offers great value in the aggregation of available insurance options and in the presentation of the best possible estimate. Policy Genius does the footwork while you take care of important things, like the little people you brought into this world. You can get quick quotes, compare rates and find the best policy that ensures your kids are always covered. Compare Life Insurance Find the best life insurance rates today with Policygenius. Final Thoughts Shopping for life insurance as a new parent can feel overwhelming and even a little scary. After all, it's the cover you will never use if you don't die while still young. And no parent likes to think about that possibility. However, you are now responsible for a life different from yours. And you need to be sure that you can continue to provide and take care of your child in case the worst happens. That's why having life insurance as a new parent is absolutely essential.