Bestow Review 2020 – Real Life Insurance Rates – Get our quote in 5 minutes

Many people have a hate-love relationship with insurance. While many enjoy the benefits of health insurance coverage, rental insurance coverage, car insurance coverage, etc., the search for the best policy at the right price can intimidate people. Life insurance is something many people avoid because of the taboo and the unpleasantness associated with it. Ultimately, this vital component of insurance can support their family long after his death. That's why Bestow tries to simplify the process. Read on for an in-depth review of Bestow. What is the bestowal? Bestow is a company created to make insurance on the duration of the purchase contract simpler and less complicated. The company claims to make the whole process easy and convenient by shortening the time-consuming process by eliminating the requirement for medical tests, long applications and more. Visit Bestow Bestow Prices and Features To offer fast service, Bestow provides a single product – life insurance. This is different than other online insurance platforms, but this feature is what makes the company's service so fast. In particular, you can choose between 2-year coverage and 10 or 20-year coverage, the details of which are listed below: 2-year coverage: this plan offers a minimum coverage of $ 50k with a maximum coverage of $ 500k . The starting price for this coverage is $ 3 per month in prizes. This plan is aimed at students, people who work between one person and the other, new entrepreneurs and anyone who needs short-term life insurance. 10 or 20 year coverage: These plans have a minimum coverage of $ 50,000 and a maximum coverage of $ 1 million with prizes starting at $ 8 per month. This is a comprehensive coverage plan for people looking for long term life insurance. The company claims to have reinvented the life insurance purchase experience and made it super simple and convenient. You can apply and get an immediate response within 5 minutes. The company also uses accelerated underwriting technology that is unique in the insurance industry and can process applications faster. Their features include: Accelerated underwriting Typically, insurance companies employ a real person called the underwriter who manually reviews the application. The process employed by Bestow is not only quick, but also eliminates human prejudices, offering you a fair price. The platform uses a process called algorithmic underwriting, which can process information faster and cheaper to determine the risk category. No Medical Examination The medical part of the process is simple and asks clear questions related to health and lifestyle choices. Upon completion of the medical section, the subscription platform will process the information and calculate personal risk without a medical exam to make an immediate decision. Change your policy at any time During the period of your policy, you have the freedom to change the types of policy and / or coverage amounts. This feature allows you to adjust your insurance coverage based on changes in your real life. Changing jobs, getting married or getting divorced are all life-changing events that require a change in the type of politics. Hassle-free payment option Bestow allows payment by credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Payments are automatically deducted until cancellation, replacement or completion of the term. Signing up for Bestow The process of signing up for Bestow only takes a few minutes. For example, if you choose the two-year plan, questions will be asked such as: Name Telephone number State of residence Height and weight Place of birth Medical history Social security number Beneficiary Use of tobacco The design of each question was easy to use and a single question that is asked on a single page makes filling in the question a simple process. The design of each page makes the experience more pleasant rather than discouraging. Their website also saves your progress and allows you to pick up where you left off if needed. The whole process from start to finish takes about 5 minutes. Bestow is only available in the United States. You can use their service anywhere in the country except New York. Visit Bestow