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Level video transcription vs. descending term Welcome to Beagle Street, where we like to keep things simple. We also like to be of help, so let's start clarifying the differences between our life insurance options. The first one is Term level. Long-term insurance provides the same amount of coverage for the life of the policy, with fixed premiums for the entire period. Nothing changes with this type of policy and if a complaint is made during the period, the payment will be the same regardless of when in the period you requested. Following the decreasing term, sometimes referred to as term life insurance for mortgages. This type of life insurance is usually taken out to cover a mortgage, and since your mortgage also reduces the insured sum. time also decreases over time in line with the mortgage, while the premium remains the same. Why not get an online quote in just sixty seconds? You could be covered in less than 10 minutes. There are no medical or blood tests and you can get a free will worth £ 150. ** The free will worth £ 150 is subject to terms and conditions.