Choosing the right life insurance for your project– Get a quote online

Life insurance is an investment that appeals to many investors today. With funds in euros, the capital is fully guaranteed. And with units of account, profitability is more important. It would therefore be necessary to choose a contract taking into account the profile of the saver. The rule of thumb is that: the better the product, the higher the risk.

Why invest in life insurance?

Life insurance is an investment suitable for all profiles. With funds in euros or mono-support contracts, the capital is 100% guaranteed and the gains are capitalized each year. On the other hand, with multi-media contracts, investments are personalized according to the level of risk that the investor wants to take. Part of the funds is invested in a euro fund and the rest in a unit of account. It is therefore possible to diversify your portfolio as you wish. This is also the case with Hedios Life, the life insurance of heritage hedios. For those interested in this offer, go online to access some hedios opinions. However, life insurance allows you to both save money and collect interest, the rate of which can vary from one establishment to another. Its advantage is that capital is not blocked. The account will not be closed except during a total withdrawal. It is also possible to open an account only with a few hundred euros and then make a scheduled or one-time payment.

What is the taxation of life insurance?

First, if the account owner makes no withdrawals, there is no tax. However, funds in euros will be subject to tax. Interest benefits from a reduction of 4,600 euros for a single person or 9,200 euros for a couple for contracts of more than 8 years. Then, they will be subject to the income tax schedule and social security contributions. However, if the money is recovered as a life annuity, the earnings are not taxable. It should be noted that contracts over 150,000 euros are subject to the Single Fixed Levy of 30%, regardless of the duration. In addition, life insurance is an instrument that offers many benefits in terms of succession. Indeed, the saver is free to designate one or more beneficiaries, who will not necessarily be his heirs. In the event of his death, the capital will be returned to the beneficiaries indicated in his contract. If he dies before age 70, the beneficiaries will receive the funds without inheritance tax up to the limit of 152,500 euros. The flat rate tax of 20% applies between 152,500 euros and 700,000 euros. And beyond, it will be 31.25%. After age 70, the exemption applies up to 30,500 euros.

Which life insurance to favor according to his profile?

Not all contracts are created equal. Different parameters should be screened to choose the best life insurance. First of all, it is advisable to choose a multi-support contract. Thus, the client can at any time diversify his portfolio to optimize the return on his savings. Then, it is necessary to determine the supports on which it wishes to invest. In short, if you have a specific idea, make sure that the support is available in the life insurance in which you are going to invest. However, to get the best return, you need to learn about the historical performance of the investment. If you want to invest in real estate, the SCPI offers a good return and the risks are shared between the investors. In addition, the shares are available for a few hundred euros. In addition to this, it is necessary to evaluate the various costs, in particular the costs of payment, management and arbitration. They vary by establishment. Finally, to know the reliability of the contracts, consult the testimonies of other savers. For example, on the forums you will find many hedios reviews, Hedios life insurance.

Which management mode to choose?

With the majority of life insurance contracts, as with the product of hedios, the client has the choice between investing in free management or managed management. Some contracts allow you to switch to one or the other depending on your needs. By opting for free management, the person can choose the units of account that suit him from the list available in his contract. It should be noted that when the investor decides to invest in a single medium, he is then automatically in “free management” since he does not need to make arbitrations. This solution is also to be preferred for informed savers and people with a good knowledge of the financial market. In addition, with piloted management or management under mandate, the investor will be guided by professionals. It is the best choice for those who lack experience in the sector. With the help of an expert, they can best diversify their life insurance contracts. Besides, this alternative will allow them to save time and minimize risks. In this case, all operations will be delegated to a specialized management company.