The Three Insurances to Consider Securing Your Finances – Get a quote now

By Rachel Irons, "It will never happen to me …", "I don't need to protect my income because I will never get hurt", "I will never get sick, so I don't have to worry about protecting my income" are phrases that I listen too often, if only they were true, says Rachel Irons of Complete Health and Protection. With the past few weeks showing that we can never and ever predict everyone's future and life be turned upside down, all this uncertainty has brought with it the awareness that it can and does happen. So now is the perfect time to consider your future security and implement the right policies to offer you and your family solid financial protection. There are three policies to consider: Income protection Rachel Irons Protection insurance is designed to provide a tax-free monthly income in the event of illness or injury. It ensures you receive monthly income until you return to work, retire or your retirement age is not reached. You can request as many times as necessary, as long as the policy lasts. There are two types, short and long term policies and are available for those who are employed or self-employed. The cost of a policy varies based on several factors including age and profession. Here are some things to consider before taking out a policy: what would happen if you got sick and couldn't afford to pay the bills? , do you have sickness pay you can count on – and how long is it paid for? If you are self-employed, what would you do if you could not work due to illness or injury? You will need? It is necessary to set the premiums at an accessible level, but also make sure that the policy covers the bills in the event of a claim. Life insurance Life insurance is a policy that pays a lump sum to the named beneficiary in the event of death during the time you are covered. This is normally used to provide financial support to loved ones after you are gone, whether that means helping to maintain their standard of living or helping to pay off your mortgage. There are several types of life insurance to consider, the most common of which is term and mortgage life insurance. Life insurance premiums are based on a number of factors including age, health and the sum insured. Whether you need life insurance or not depends on personal circumstances. If you have people who depend financially on you, such as children or a partner; you may want to make sure they have a financial safety net if you are no longer able to provide them. Critical illness coverage Medical illness coverage is a long-term insurance policy that covers serious illnesses including stroke, heart attack and conditions such as multiple sclerosis. It is normally a bolted option for your life insurance policy. This type of coverage would pay a tax-free lump sum that could help with mortgages or other financial commitments if needed. You should consider this type of coverage if you don't have enough savings or employee benefits to insure you in the event of serious illness or disability. When considering any type of insurance, it is best to seek advice from an independent financial broker advisor to find the right policy for you. “Looking at money in this current climate is more important than ever. Now is the time to implement or review policies, rather than putting it off until tomorrow. It may not seem like the most electrifying task to do, but it may be the most important task to do while on the "block", "says Rachel. To remind customers of the peace of mind, Complete Health and Protection are currently offering individuals and small children businesses a "Free Health" Check "to review current policies to make sure their coverage is still adequate and, above all, to make sure they are not paying above the price they should be. To receive a free health check, contact Full Health and Protection at 01530 587002 or send an email to Rachel at the secure email address] For more information visit For more information in the press and requests for interviews or comments, please contact Francesca Arculeo at Fraser Urquhart Media on [secure email] or call 0116 2533445. Information on complete health and protection Complete health and Protection is a young and dynamic company that offers advice free and impartial free of charge on a range of health and protection insurance solutions; for individuals and companies. 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