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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature of YourStory, with noteworthy quotations in our articles from last week (see the previous post here). Share these 35 gems and insights of the week from 4 to 10 May with your colleagues and your networks and consult the original articles for further insights. See also our special collection of quotes related to the coronavirus responses of India here. A big thank you to all the mothers out there for their unconditional love, their sacrifices and their strength. The world wouldn't be half strong or beautiful without them. – Shailesh Gupta, YoloBusWe were born of love; love is our mother. – Rumi, I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars. – E.M. Forster Define the rules of the game for yourself and set priorities for your day. When does working time end and family time begins or vice versa? – Divya Kohli, Nestle Being a mother and motorcyclist is a roller coaster ride – because you have to make both decisions wisely. – Vanashree Mirajkar All of us were concerned about the type of content that our children were seeing and reading. Social media also have inappropriate or offensive content. – Ruchi Mitroo, igraasp When a woman works from home, she is considered only a housewife. – Lalita Patil, Gharachi Aathvan The number of women entrepreneurs in India has increased over the years. Many government organizations organize online and offline training courses for women entrepreneurs. – Aarushi, LavishOne shouldn't choose between health and beauty. Beauty should be uncompromising. – Pritika Singh, Tvakh Our skin heals at night and that's when it needs good quality skin care products that can provide "food for the skin" deep in its layers. – Sonia Sahni, Ethiko We have all heard how data is the new oil. Design is the spark of this oil and an integral part of the digital transformation that is going through our world. – Vivek Kumar, SpringboardTechnology has upset every aspect of the insurance value chain. – Rohan Malhotra, Good Capital Agritech can be a new opportunity to restore glory to Indian farmers and help them increase their contribution to India's GDP. – Amith Agarwal, AgribazaarPrivacy of design becomes an imperative for software companies. They must provide privacy controls to be integrated into the design of products and services. – Ankit Rawal, Affle With the advent of the DNA law in July 2019, the importance of DNA-related technologies in India has become at the forefront. – Saaniya Mehra, ADIRO Labs If you want to be a good developer, embrace the culture of hackers, build, break and tinker things for fun. – Kailash Nadh, the managers of ZerodhaBusiness will have to speed up the decision-making process to innovate and adapt to customer needs by relying more on data and in-depth information that can be implemented and less on intuitions. – Madhurima Agarwal, NetAppOver, 12 million merchants use QR codes and are expected to double this year. – Anand Deshpande, Persistent Systems While purchases are made online, customers still want to easily reach the person who runs the company. – Nikita Jain, Klingaru Large organizations have too many wrong candidates. They don't have good ways of screening. – Ashutosh Garg, Eupfold Small businesses are the engine of growth and job creation in India, and high impact businesses are the vehicle for achieving a more responsible, sustainable and fair economic future. – Anthony Randazzo, DFCPort to make any producer flourish, there must be a period of lean taxation and an easing of policies and regimes. – Raman Sood, Grand Slam FitnessIndia is home to the largest after-school lessons market in the world and delivery patterns continue to evolve as we speak. – Mukul Rustagi, Classplus The coaching market in India is disorganized. Anyone without any certification can become a tutor. – Neetin Agarwal, DronStudy The Indian bean-to-bar chocolate industry in current sales (wholesale to the distributor) is worth around Rs 10 crore, which is like a drop in the ocean compared to the international market. – L Nitin Chordia, KocoatraiFlowers unite the Indians through demographics, regions and religions. – Yeshoda Karuturi, Rose Bazaar In India, a large percentage of the population is not yet engaged in e-commerce. While they are active users of WhatsApp or Facebook, they have not yet jumped on the online shopping bandwagon. – Anand Ramachandran, Buzzo.aiMarwaris are people who take determined and calculated risks, with intelligent ways of protecting them. However, the traditional families of the Marwar regions do not actively interact with the startup ecosystem. – Sushil Sharma, Marwari Catalysts The challenge for cancer patients and their families is the acceptance of such a devastating diagnosis, preparation for treatment, high costs, running and coping with routine interruptions. – Sandhya Ravi, Prameya Health Generic drugs are often promoted on the market as brand name medicines and sold at unnecessarily high prices. – Arjun Deshpande, generic Aadhaar One of the biggest myths about vegan diets is that they are nutritionally deficient because they lack protein. – Kuntal JoisherInclusion and connection are at the center of all art. Innovation and unfiltered exploration are the future of contemporary art in India. – Sanjana Shah, Tao Art Gallery You must evolve, you must learn and improve your art and your skills and your craftsmanship year after year. – Shilpa Rao We cannot choose the environment in which we were born, but we can choose how to play the hand that is given to us. – Doris and John Naisbitt, "Mastering Megatrends" Never give up, never look back and live a life without regrets. Have fun today and experience it to the fullest. – Amith Agarwal, AgriBazaarGood startups build a business, but big startups create a category. – Deep Malhotra, BeckFriendsEntrepreneurship is a very lonely journey. – Pankaj Makkar, Bertelsmann India Investments Entrepreneurship is never a sprint. And it can be difficult and lonely work. – Krishnan GaneshYourStory has also published the pocket book "Proverbs and quotes for entrepreneurs: a world of inspiration for startups" as a creative and motivational guide for innovators (downloadable as an app here: Apple, Android). How did the coronavirus epidemic disrupt your life? And how are you facing it? Write or send us a video with the subject "Coronavirus Disruption" at editorial@yourstory.com