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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced many countries to contain their populations.

This had the impact of drastically reducing travel, physical contact, exits and entries from countries, as well as all trips by car.

For the majority of Quebecers, social distancing and confinement measures have had the impact of reducing their use of their motor vehicle.

Did you know that the pandemic could currently save you a lot on your auto insurance?

Why should you pay the same price for your insurance if you use your car less?

In this article, we explain how to take advantage of the pandemic to save on your auto insurance!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced automobile travel in Quebec

We go to the grocery store, then we come back home. This is how the daily life of several million people in Quebec was summed up during the months of March and April 2020.

Even today, car travel has dropped dramatically. With the restaurants closed, the inaccessible regions, the tourism industry on the neutral and the distancing measures still in force, Quebecers will on average travel less kilometers by car than what they planned at the start of the trip. 2020!

Precisely, in establishing the cost of the premium for auto insurance, the number of kilometers traveled in a year plays a big role.

Since the pandemic is forcing you to reduce your trips and the mileage you use with your automobile, you should therefore save!

Insurers are already starting to offer discounts!

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Insurers offer cash back to their customers for their auto insurance

Insurance companies have of course noticed that the Corona Virus pandemic has forced people into confinement, and that this has inevitably reduced their movements.

To help their clients financially through this difficult period, several insurers have therefore decided to offer cash back on the premiums of their clients' policies.

The amount or percentage of discounts offered to customers varies from one insurer to another, and not all insurers offer relief.

Here are some examples of discounts offered by certain insurers in Quebec in 2020:

  • Industrielle Alliance: Discount equivalent to 20% of the monthly premium, for a period of 2 months
  • Intact Insurance: 15% discount on your normal monthly premium, for 3 months
  • Desjardins: Discount calculated from the annual mileage declared
  • Bélair Direct: Average discount of 15% on your monthly premium, for 3 months
  • Allstate: 15% discount on average for April and May
  • La Capitale: 20% discount on the normal monthly premium, throughout the duration of collective confinement
  • Promutuel: Discount based on mileage, and in effect for 3 months
  • SSQ Auto: 20% discount on the monthly premium for each vehicle, throughout the duration of collective confinement

As you can see, the discounts are numerous in Quebec. In total, several tens of millions of dollars will be returned to the pockets of Quebecers. The pandemic will therefore have saved you a little on your auto insurance. In most cases, discounts are made automatically in your contract, without any request from you. Ask your insurer!

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Do you use your car less? Talk to your insurer, and you will save for sure!

Are you currently using your vehicle less, do you plan to reduce your mileage in the coming year or are you even thinking of storing your vehicle for a few months?

If you plan to change the use of your vehicle, it may be to your advantage to inform your insurer, in order to benefit from a reduction in your premium.

If your renewal is coming soon, this might be the perfect time to shop for your premium, and compare multiple quotes to save!

Are the premiums generally going to drop when you next renew? Are you going to save big? Only by comparing can you find out.

One thing is certain, if you use your car less than before, you could benefit from speaking with your insurer not only to benefit from discounts, but to reduce your insurance premium overall in the long term.

If you are looking to get the Best Auto Insurance, it pays to shop around!

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Claims are down in Quebec, which is an advantage for insurers and customers!

Insurance companies in Quebec are currently seeing a drop in COVID-19 time claims.

Why ? Because people use their cars less, so there are fewer accidents, and ultimately fewer complaints.

Moreover, just between March 13 and March 19, 2020, the SAAQ noted a 40% decrease in claims compared to the same period last year.

Since then, containment measures have tightened further, so the claims data is expected to be further down for April and May.

What does that mean ? This could eventually translate into stabilizing prices in auto insurance, instead of rising as we often see every year. Only time will tell.

The reduction in claims due to the Corona Virus could therefore be beneficial for both insurers and customers, and could save you money!

2020 insurance claims decrease

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