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(TNS) Tribune News Service Sports budget for Thursday 14 May 2020
Updated at 23:00 EDT (0300 UTC) This budget is now available on http://www.TribuneNewsService.com, with direct links to stories and works of art. See details at the end of the budget. ^ MAIN STORIES <^ The golf yogi: the man who says Michael Jordan lost $ 1.2 million to him <^ BKN-JORDAN-YOGI-GAMBLING-SPORTSPLUS: SD— <The Hocking Hills region in the south -est Ohio marks a drastic change in the state's flat farmland, with the Allegheny Plateau creating a sandstone topography of cliffs, gorges, caves, waterfalls, winding coves and endless strata of trees. is where Richard Esquinas used the fortune of various commercial firms – selling the lease at the San Diego Sports Arena, making six-figure bets on the golf course with Michael Jordan – to build an Aspen-style "cabin" in the middle of nowhere . Where he moved with his family in the months following the self-publication of a 1993 book describing in detail his games of chance with the Chicago Bulls star, which were reviewed last Sunday in "The Last Dance ", the 10-part ESPN documentary about Jordan. Where he fled the public ashamed of having dared to smear the king of basketball. 2300 by Mark Zeigler. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Blakes Snell of Rays: "It's not worth it" to play in 2020 with a reduced pay <BBA-RAYS-SNELL: Blake Snell, winner of PT Cy Young Rays award, said the risk of returning to play "not worth it" this season – at least not for significantly less than his original $ 7 million salary. With league and union officials discussing a plan to start a delayed and shortened season in July with players getting lower pay, Snell answered a question on his Twitch video game streaming channel on Wednesday with a two-minute answer on as it was not worth risking your life for a lesser reward. 1500 by Marc Topkin in Tampa, Florida. MOVEDPHOTO ^ New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks players stole $ 73,500 in watches, cash, cops say <^ FBN-BAKER-DUNBAR: MI— <NFL players and Miami natives Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar obtained guarantees for their arrests on charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault, Miramar police announced Thursday evening. old initial cornerback with the Ne w York Giants, he was charged with four counts of armed robbery and four of aggravated assault. Dunbar, a 27-year-old cornerback formerly with Washington, now with Seattle Seahawks, has been charged with four counts of armed robbery. A Giants spokesman said in an email to the Miami Herald: "We are aware of the situation. We have been in contact with DeAndre. We currently have no further comments." 600 by Devoun Cetoute and David J. Neal. MOVEDPHOTO ^ <Also moving like: ^ FBN-SEAHAWKS-DUNBAR-CHARGES: SE— <950 by Bob Conducted in Seattle. MOVED ^ CORONAVIRUS <^ Dave Hyde: Ron DeSantis' Florida Sports Return Plan for Sports is simply pulling opponents <^ FBN-HYDE-COLUMN: FL— <When I read the quote from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis , my world lit up. I sent it to sports fans everywhere. He said that we have entered a new successful phase of the coronavirus pandemic, at least in our fiftieth of the country. In case you missed it, here is the quote: "What I would say to the league commissioners is if you have a team in an area where they simply won't let them operate, we'll find a place for you in Florida because we think it's important and we know it can be done safely. "750 by Dave Hyde. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Dieter Kurtenbach: The real reason why sports must come back soon <^ KURTENBACH-COLUMN: SJ— <Do you want to go back to sports? Because it seems that many of you don't. I go on the record: I want sport today. I also want them tomorrow, because I wanted them yesterday and the other. I'd like to think that if you got to this paragraph, you do it too. Yes, I am fully aware that there is a global pandemic is happening and that there are risks for players, coaches, coaches and team staff if we report important team sports this summer. 1300 by Dieter Kurtenbach. MOVED ^ BASEBALL <^ Joe Starkey: an 82 game baseball season would be phenomenal <BBO-STARKEY-COLUMN: PG – You could see an 82 game baseball season – the only type of season on the table right now – like little else of an asterisk waiting to happen. I would consider it the most preferable to 162 games, just as I would prefer 50 NHL or NBA games to 82 and 14 NFL games to 16 (soon 17, then 18, so who knows?) I would also prefer world peace. I understand. None of this will happen, except, for a season, if baseball can safely get up and run (and that's a bigger than Ben Roethlisberger's beard). 600 by Joe Starkey in Pittsburgh. MOVED ^ Vahe Gregorian: about to turn 67, the icon of Royals George Brett reflects on 50 years of franchising, and KC <^ BBA-GREGORIAN-COLUMN: KC— <It is a symbiotic relationship that began with the 1971 draft, culminating in a phenomenal career and resisted the contractual role he called "vice president for life" since his game days ended which is now honored by multiple owned groups. Strange but true: this makes Brett the longest-running third person in the organization, behind only broadcaster Denny Matthews and super-scout Art Stewart, who have been with the franchise since its inception in 1969. "One thing I'm very proud of is loyalty," Brett said in an interview with The Star last month. 1600 by Vahe Gregorian. MOVEDPHOTO ^ John Romano: Your honor, my client (Blake Snell) begs for temporary stupidity <BBA-ROMANO-COLONNA: PT – Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I would like to thank you sincerely for serving in the Court of Public Opinion. Today you will be asked to listen to a rather strong language. I apologize in advance. You may hear things that make you want to scream, swear or mutilate a Blake Snell puppet. It is understandable, but please listen to all the evidence before judging Mr. Snell too harshly. And to be clear, Mr. Snell isn't my client. In this case I am simply a self-proclaimed fanatic. 700 by John Romano in Tampa, Florida. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Construction continues on the "Field of Dreams" golf course in Iowa. But will the August 13 White Sox-Yankees game continue as planned? <BBA-FIELDOFDREAMS-BALLPARK: TB – The video is 45 seconds of baseball happiness. It begins with a resume of the site where the MLB of August 13 in The Field of Dreams game "between White Sox and Yankees is expected. Ends with the diamond in which the iconic 1989 film" Field of Dreams "was shot. Major League Baseball took a look at the progress of the temporary baseball field in Dyersville, Iowa, with the video on its Instagram and Twitter pages from last week. The caption under the Instagram post read: "Sweet (Field of) Dreams. . Construction is still ongoing in Iowa. "600 by LaMond Pope in Chicago. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Patrick Reusse: Can Baseball Keep Hunters at Home Safe in Pandemic Baseball? <^ BBO-REUSSE: MS— <Decisive Steps Towards a Return to baseball, in the big leagues and at grassroots level, they are facing such complications that we haven't heard much about a problem raised in informal conversations with other hardball fanatics: "What will we do for the catcher?" Six-foot distance in a grocery line might be more than providing a margin of confidence as well as being magical, the major leagues for sure – and perhaps other baseball endeavors – will be required to make some gestures towards common interlacing. 950 by Patrick Reusse MOVEDPHOTO ^ For Perez All-Star Perez, the pandemic break was a moment of restoration, transformative <^ BBA-ROYALS-PEREZ: KC— <Part of the greatest personality in the life of the K star ansas City Royals and favored by fans Salvador Perez derives from his stature physical personality. An athletic 6-foot-4, a 240-pound receiver, is built to be able to tackle almost anything, but neither his strong and sturdy frame nor his seemingly perpetual jovial behavior are protected from the harrowing blow of the Major League Baseball delivered when the announcement of spring training was immediately interrupted and the baseball season was indefinitely suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19.The news shook Perez, who had lost the entire season 2019 after undergoing Tommy John's surgery on his elbow (right). He hadn't played in a big league game since September 2018. He spent the last year reshaping one of the game's elites throwing weapons, relegated to a high profile spectator when he was at the ballpark. 1000 by Lynn Worthy. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Yankees hope Aaron Judge is ready (at some point) for coronavirus-shortened 2020 season <BBA-YANKEES-JUDGE: NY – Aaron Judge's rehabilitation is going as planned by the Yankees and they hope to have him on the field if there is an MLB 2020 season at some point, GM Brian Cashman said Thursday morning. Recognizing the extraordinarily long time it took the team to diagnose the first fractured rib in the judge's right shoulder area, Cashman said it was a delicate wound that took longer than normal to heal. "It is a truly unique injury, it is extremely challenging to diagnose. Something very rare," said Cashman of the costal injury suffered by the judge in an attempt to capture diving in September 750 by Kristie Ackert in Tampa, Florida. MOVED ^ Tom Krasovic: Padres Fowler: no pandemic MLB insurance <^ BBN-KRASOVIC-COLUMN: SD— <So sputballin here the MLB teams have high-cost disaster insurance – and MLB attorneys could mitigate some of the economic pain of baseball caused by the scourge of coronavirus? But I felt such a nuisance among baseball explorers. Ron Fowler says there is nothing. "The Padres don't have insurance that covers us for a pandemic," he said. And Fowler said that "he doesn't believe in any MLB team" they have catastrophic insurance. Here a baseball term applies. The industry will have to wear this. 800 by Tom Krasovic in San Diego. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Coronavirus: Art Howe, former Ex A manager in intensive care in Houston after positive tests <^ BBA-ATHLETICS-HOWE: SJ— <The former manager of A Art Arte, which brought Oakland to three consecutive appearances post-season in the early 2000s, it is in intense in a Houston hospital with coronavirus. Howe, 73, confirmed Thursday at KPRC-TV in Houston that he is still hospitalized while receiving treatment. "He has never experienced anything like this before," said Howe, who managed the A in pairs of American League West titles during his seven-year run as manager.200 of Oakland by Jon Becker. MOVED ^ MLB reboot proposal does not require daily coronavirus tests: source <^ BBO-SEASON-TESTING: NY— <If a player has coronavirus, the Major League Baseball test program may let them carry the deadly disease for days without know that spreading it to their teammates. The initial proposal on the safety of the players of the league will test coronaviruses three times a week and return the results within 24 hours, according to a source in the Daily News who knows the discussions on the revival. In addition, the Wall Street Journal reported that the initial MLB plan – which has not been fully seen by the players, according to news sources – does not require the league to cancel a game immediately, let alone suspend the season if a positive test player. 500 Bradford William Davis. MOVED ^ NFL <^ The love of a mother shaped Ravens rookie Geno Stone. His strength led him to the NFL. <FBN-RAVENS-STONE-MOM: BZ – On April 25, Erin Stone threw a party for her best friend. Admission was limited. To receive an invitation, you had to be a family. To enter, you had to take your temperature. To enjoy the food, you had to tolerate the smell of the brand disinfectant. "I'm pretty sure they probably ate Lysol all day," recalled Erin recently, aware of the coronavirus pandemic, "because I sprayed it all day" Twenty-one years of motherhood had given her so much, but not the power to prevent the heart of her only child from breaking. As they came and went, pick after pick on the third and final day of the NFL draft, they sat in their socially spaced lounge, his dream at hand, slowly crumbling. 1900 by Jonas Shaffer in Baltimore. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Mike Sielski: look at Dak Prescott and the Cowboys and understand why the Eagles designed Jalen Hurts <FBN-SIELSKI-COLUMN: PH – It has been more than two weeks since the Eagles drafted the Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts, and he may have it took you so long to understand and reconcile yourself with the reasoning behind the decision. Anch & # 39; I. The next day, the move seemed to flaunt conventional and sensitive thinking about what the Eagles had to do to improve. They already had Carson Wentz and had recently signed him for an extension of the contract. So presumably they should and would draw players who can directly help Wentz. Another team, in another situation, could draft a potential franchise quarterback in the second round. Eagles were not such a team. So why waste a choice on Hurts? 1100 by Mike Sielski in Philadelphia. MOVEDPHOTO ^ How a messy divorce could affect Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari's reputation <^ CUTLER-CAVALLARI: TB— <The message for Mother's Day seemed pleasant enough. "Happy Mothers Day to all moms. These 3 little girls have chosen a good one", read the post by @IfJayHadInstagram which showed a photo of the owner of the Chicago jewelry Kristin Cavallari and the three children he shares with the ex Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. the backlash started almost immediately when fans remembered that Cavallari said he runs Cutler's Instagram page. "This is really disgusting. If Jay had instagram … he wouldn't publish it. Tell your multimedia team that this post is insensitive and disrespectful to Jay," wrote one commentator. No matter the account biography reads: "I don't have Instagram, but if I did it and now I do it". 1200 by Tracy Swartz. (Moved as an entertainment story.) MOVEDPHOTO ^ 49ers Deebo Samuel is preparing for an exciting encore <^ FBN-49ERS-SAMUEL: SJ— <2nd year for the large 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel is starting impressive as the fort ending of his year as a beginner Maybe they make it twice as impressive. "I'm trying to double what I did last year, and I keep getting better every day," Samuel said on Wednesday in a video conference with reporters. Commitment to success is paramount. The receiving body of the 49ers is undergoing its annual transformation, in particular with the pickup Brandon Aiyuk in the first round who arrives to compensate for Emmanuel Sanders' exit in a free agency. 1000 from Cam Inman. MOVED ^ Coronavirus and NFL: 49ers prepare for training camp outside California <FBN-49ERS-CAMP: SA – While states across the country differ on the government-imposed restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, NFL teams they are preparing to react accordingly in time for the upcoming season. This means looking for alternative sites for the training camp across state borders. For the 49ers, this means looking away from their Santa Clara facilities as California has been one of the most cautious, proactive and restrictive states in handling the crisis. "You're trying to get ready for anything," 49ers general manager John Lynch recently told NBC Sports Bay Area. "I wish I could tell you, that's how it will go." Nobody knows now, and we are eagerly waiting for information. "900 by Chris Biderman in Santa Clara, California. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Quinton Dunbar will begin Seahawks' career on the right corner, says" the sky is the limit "<^ FBN-SEAHAWKS-DUNBAR: SE— <Quinton Dunbar says that he can play in any corner of the cornerback where the Seattle Seahawks might want to use it, but once Dunbar goes out on the field for the first time in Seahawks uniform this spring or summer or fall, he will do it on the right corner. "I'm probably to start on the right side, "Dunbar said on Thursday morning when he spoke to Seahawks beating the writers on a Zoom call as the team continues its third week of its virtual off-season schedule. Dunbar says he once mastered that" the sky is the limit. "1000 by Bob Condotta. MOVED ^ The president of Ravens says that the coronavirus could force the training camp to leave Maryland, but" we don't like that option "<FBN-RAVENS-MARYLAND : BZ – Even with Maryland's home stay order due to be lifted on Friday and hospitalizations expected to decline in the coronavirus, the Ravens were able to explore the relocation of their training camp to an off-site location, he said Thursday the team president Dick Cass. Social spacing guidelines between the pandemic have turned the NFL draft and the offseason program into virtual events, and Gov Larry Hogan announced Wednesday that meeting restrictions remain in place for over 10 people, but officials from Cass and the Teams have been optimistic that the training camp will begin, as expected, in late July 500 from Jonas Shaffer in Baltimore. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Bill Callahan's confident novice Jedrick Wills can start tackling left for Browns right away <^ FBN-BROWNS-WILLS: AK— <Browns plans to connect Jedrick Wills to a position he has never played in. above and to start the tenth overall draw on the right despite the inability of the technical staff to guide him so far in person due to the pandemic of COVID-19. How confident they are in the ability of the offensive rookie linesman to switch to the left tackle after playing the right tackle for the University of Alabama and Lafayette High School in Lexington, Kentucky. "I think every time you design a tall player like Jedrick we have drawn, I always felt that you have to connect and play him immediately. I mean, that's why you design him," said the new offensive line coach Browns, Bill Callahan, during a video conference Zoom with beat writers covering the team. "So no, this doesn't concern me, it scares me, it annoys me in any way. So I am quite confident that it will be our left tackle. 850 by Nate Ulrich. MOVED ^ Seahawks signs Geno Smith again to fill the battle of the backup quarterback <^ FBN-SEAHAWKS-SMITH: SE— <While there has been a lot of talk about Cam Newton in the last few days about filling the Seahawks backup quarterback job, there is no indication that the team has ever seriously considered. Seahawks made a move to end that speech, agreeing to renew the signature of Geno Smith, who was backed up by Russell Wilson last year and will compete to do so again in 2020. A source told the Seattle Times that the move was supposed to take place and ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported that the two sides had agreed to a Bob Condotta one-year deal.450 MOVED ^ Lions' Matthew Stafford is playing safe now, but will be ready or to "sell" when necessary <^ FBN -LIONS-STAFFORD: DTN— <During the period in which the first cases of coronavirus were reported in the United States, through initial weeks of its spread throughout the country, Matthew Stafford and the quarterback of the Detroit Lions were enjoying a normal, relaxing offseason. Matteo, his wife Kelly and their three daughters spent a few weeks in California, including a trip to Disneyland, before going to Florida for a couple of weeks with the extended family on the Gulf Coast, but as soon as the severity of the virus is quickly focused, the Stafford family has returned to their off-season home in Georgia, where they have been largely locked up since 1050 by Justin Rogers. MOVED
^ Tyler Eifert's familiarity with Jay Gruden proved vital in the decision to sign with Jaguars <FBN-JAGUARS-EIFERT: JK – When they were together, Jay Gruden called the comedies to take advantage of Tyler Eifert's superb course running, check of the body and overtaking ability.Eve years ago, Eifert was the first choice of the first round of the Bengali of Cincinnati from Notre Dame. Gruden was in his final season as an offensive coordinator of the Bengalis before embarking on the coaching job of the Washington Redskins in 2014. Now, Eifert and Gruden have gathered in Jacksonville. Hired in January to become the Jaguars' call-call, Gruden plans to use Eifert's Extraordinary Skills Again. John Reid's 900 in Jacksonville, Florida. MOVEDPHOTO ^ NBA <^ Ex Laker DJ Mbenga supports aid in Congo after the death of his sister COVID-19 <BKN-MBENGA-CONGO: LA – D.J. Mbenga has long felt the obligation to help his country of origin. During a recent conversation, the former Laker started talking about his Mbenga Foundation. It helps educate children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, builds wells of clean water and defends the victims of sexual violence. He shared concerns from orphanages seeking help, how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the region. He has always felt passionate about these causes, but a recent personal tragedy has made his need to help more acute. 750 from Tania Ganguli in Los Angeles. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Bill Murray reflects on "The Last Dance" and "Space Jam" with Michael Jordan <BKN-LASTDANCE-MURRAY: TB – Like practically everyone else who spent time around Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during their Years of glory, actor Bill Murray is watching ESPN's "The Last Dance" closely. "It's fun," Murray said on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday. "Actually I saw myself in the background (and I screamed):" Here! I'm in the background! Right there! Stop, play it! "" Speaking from his home in South Carolina while enjoying a bubble bath and wearing a shirt similar to the Chicago flag, Murray talked about playing golf with Jordan and acting in "Space Jam". 450 by Phil Rosenthal in Chicago. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Jennifer Day: give me my money back, NBA. You have not yet refunded your tickets 2 months after you have suspended the game. <BKN-DAY-COLUMN: TB – Dear NBA: give me my money back. Now please. Two months have passed since the league suspended the season because of COVID-19. Already enough. In December, I bought two tickets for the Chicago Bulls game against the Boston Celtics on March 15th at the United Center. My husband and I thought it would be fun to bring our daughter to her first basketball game. She would like Benny the Bull's antics, and I'd kick my husband trying to get her to cheer on her home team. (That leprechaun? Is it even a mascot?) 750 by Jennifer Day in Chicago. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Heat's Udonis Haslem says Michael Jordan crossed the line with fighting words <^ BKN-HEAT-HASLEM-JORDAN: FL— <Their NBA paths never crossed, with Michael Jordan leaving the NBA when Udonis Haslem has arrived. But while watching ESPN's Jordan documentary "The Last Dance," Haslem says it may have been the best in a way. Because when it comes to an element of Jordan's well-documented teammates' challenges, longtime captain Miami Heat said there would be a guest of an ESPN session on Instagram Live hosted by the former NBA striker Richard Jefferson, Haslem said he would draw a locker room line even with an iconic player like Ira Winderman's Jordan. 550. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Magic players begin voluntary training at the Amway Center amid the coronavirus pandemic <BKN-MAGIC-WORKOUTS: OS – On Thursday, Orlando Magic took a small but significant step when they reopened their practical facility for allow players to volunteer individual workouts. center Nikola Vucevic was among the first groups of players to participate in training. In the videos and photos provided by the team, Vucevic is seen shooting free throws and working on jump hooks in the lane at the Advent Practice Facility at Roy Parry's Amway Center. 450 in Orlando, Florida. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Anfernee Hardaway says Knicks riddled with stint injuries stands out as the most disappointing of his career <BKN-KNICKS-HARDAWAY: NY – Many don't remember (or choose to forget), Penny Hardaway was a Knick for three separate seasons. Now he calls it "probably the most disappointing moment" in his career. "Being in town on the biggest Big Apple stage, and not being me. I'm a shell of myself on the biggest stage and I'm like" Why? "" Hardway said on Showtime's "All the Smoke" podcast. "I wish I could get to the point where it could just be me. And I went through it and it wasn't me. And I love New York." 750 by Stefan Bondy in New York. MOVE ^ Arash Markazi: the Lakers championship deserves a symbol, but not an asterisk <BKN-MARKAZI-COLUMN: LA – The NBA is trying to resume the game this season, but some of the former championship stars do not support " It's too dangerous, not sure, I don't know how they can make it safe, "said Charles Barkley on" The Dan Le Batard Show ". "They should cancel the season." "Everyone goes home, gets healthy, returns next year," Shaquille O & # 39; Neal told USA Today. "Just discard the season." "I'd be in favor of canceling the season," Tracy McGrady told ESPN. "I just think there is too much to do to start the season." 700 by Arash Markazi in Los Angeles. MOVEDPHOTO ^ John Collins on Hawks: "We are not as far as you think" <BKN-HAWKS-COLLINS: AT – If you find yourself becoming impatient with Hawks' reconstruction, John Collins offered some reassuring words. "I want them to know we're not as far away as you think," said Collins. Collins has had historical success on an individual level this season, or at least the part of the season already in the books (the NBA has suspended March 11 due to the coronavirus, and it is not yet clear whether they will resume regular season games, or if the league decides to go directly to some form of playoffs). 1750 by Sarah K. Spencer in Atlanta. MOVED ^ Heat's Jae Crowder on the possible return of the NBA: & # 39; I don't want to feel rushed & # 39; <^ BKN-HEAT-CROWDER: FL— <Amidst growing hopes for a resumption of the NBA season, Miami Heat warning Jae Crowder warned Thursday that a return amid the coronavirus pandemic cannot simply rush to satiate fan hunger for live sports. "I don't want to feel like we should hurry because people are at home, they don't do anything, they just want to watch us play basketball and watch us as we work," Crowder told former NBA striker Richard Jefferson in an Instagram SportsCenter Live session . "But I want to go back out there." 650 by Ira Winderman. MOVEDPHOTO ^ COLLEGE FOOTBALL <^ Josh Gattis opens the Michigan football QB race <^ FBC-MICHIGAN-QUARTERBACK: DE— <Josh Gattis says that Michigan football is "nowhere near having a front-runner" in the ongoing team quarterback competition. Zoom call with local reporters on Thursday, the Wolverines' offensive coordinator said the three quarterbacks of the program's scholarship (incoming freshman Dan Villari is not yet on campus) continue to fight for initial work. "We are in a three-way competition, coming in the spring, with Joe (Milton), Dylan (McCaffrey) and Cade (McNamara), and nobody has had a competitive advantage over anyone," said Gattis. "We are thrilled with the guys we have on the roster. We have to solve that question later on the road when we have the opportunity. 750 from Orion Sang. ^ Gene Frenette: Coronavirus problems put Gator Bowl holding pattern <FBC in difficulty -FRENETTE-COLUMN: JK – While college football gatekeepers try to figure out a time frame and protocol on how to structure the 2020 season correctly, TaxSlayer Gator Bowl president Rick Catlett cannot escape feeling helpless and restless. Equivalent to being in corporate prison, although Catlett can make unlimited phone calls to colleagues in the bowl who feel equally handcuffed. This is supposed to be a relatively stress-free time of year for bowl managers, at condizione che non ci siano contratti televisivi o negoziati con lo sponsor del titolo per Per fortuna, il Gator Bowl ha stretto collaborazioni a lungo termin e con ESPN e TaxSlayer, ma la pandemia COVID-19 ha il gioco post-campionato di football americano di Jacksonville da 75 anni avvolto nell&#39;incertezza.1000 da Gene Frenette a Jacksonville, in Florida. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Mike Bianchi: Più scuole dovrebbero essere come la Florida Tech e abbandonare il calcio invece del tennis femminile <FBC-BIANCHI-COLUMN: OS – Gli amministratori della divisione II Florida Tech hanno messo da parte i loro ego all&#39;inizio di questa settimana e è giunto a una determinazione dura, onesta e fiscalmente prudente. A differenza di molti dei loro grandi fratelli deliranti a livello FBS, hanno deciso di non mettere un cerotto sul loro deficit di bilancio tagliando la loro squadra di cross country o canottaggio e invece hanno deciso di prendere il tuffarsi e interrompere un programma di calcio che era diventato una fossa di denaro.850 da Mike Bianchi a Orlando, in Florida. MOVEDPHOTO ^ COLLEGE BASKETBALL <^ È tutt&#39;altro che perfetto, ma per Dan Hurley dell&#39;UConn e altri allenatori del college, le "visite virtuali" sono le prossime cosa migliore quando una recluta non può essere lì <BKC-VIRTUAL-RECRUITING: HC – Non c&#39;è un vero sostituto per essere lì di persona, ma l&#39;attività di reclutamento del college deve continuare. E c&#39;è un elemento alla "visita virtuale " quello non può essere visto di persona. Gli allenatori possono guardare il volto di una recluta – a pieno titolo – mentre guardano un video o una proiezione di diapositive e vedono la reazione genuina. "Cerchiamo di mostrare loro un video con la tradizione del programma", ha dichiarato Tripp Doherty, direttore del basket maschile di UConn reclutamento e video. "Ed è quasi difficile scegliere quali vuoi mostrare a un bambino, ma il passo indietro di Kemba ottiene sempre la migliore reazione da parte del bambino e dei suoi genitori. Tutti reagiscono sempre allo stesso modo e ci viene da ridere perché è a tutti gli effetti. "1300 di Dom Amore ad Hartford, Conn. MOVEDPHOTO ^ Il basket del Michigan sbarca Purdue transfer Nojel Eastern <^ BKC-MICHIGAN-EASTERN: DTN— <Non ci volle molto per trasferire Purdue Nojel Eastern per trovare un nuovo e inaspettata casa nei Big Ten. East ha annunciato il suo impegno per il Michigan in un post su Twitter giovedì, appena due giorni dopo essere entrato nel portale di trasferimento. L&#39;ala da 6 piedi e 7, 225 libbre è stata un punto fermo nella rotazione di Purdue durante la sua tre anni di carriera in West Lafayette, apparendo in 37 partite come matricola e iniziando 62 partite nelle ultime due stagioni. 600 di James Hawkins. SPOSTATI ^ COLLEGES <^ UW AD Jen Cohen afferma che il potenziale impatto finanziario del coronavirus varia da "tipo di gestibile a devastante" <^ WASHINGTON-CORONAVIRUS: SE— <Mercoledì, nella loro revisione finanziaria annuale con il Board of Regents dell&#39;Università di Washington, il direttore dell&#39;atletica leggera Jen Cohen e il direttore finanziario Kate Cullen hanno presentato un bilancio dell&#39;atletica per l&#39;anno fiscale 2021 basato su quello che Cohen ha definito "il nostro scenario migliore – studenti che tornano al campus, studenti-atleti di nuovo nella nostra impronta, studenti-atleti e programmi competere (questo autunno) con gli spettatori coinvolti. "Ma lo scenario migliore potrebbe non essere il più realistico. È del tutto possibile che, a causa dell&#39;attuale crisi COVID-19, gli eventi sportivi UW possano essere giocati questo autunno senza i fan presenti, spinti verso l&#39;inverno o la primavera – o, nelle proiezioni più dolorose, potrebbero non essere riprodotti affatto. 1100 di Mike Vorel a Seattle. SPOSTATO ^ L&#39;ACC si rompe anche per il 2019-2020 ma affronta un futuro incerto, Swofford afferma <^ ACC-FINANCES: RA— <Nonostante la perdita della maggior parte del torneo ACC e una parte sostanziale delle entrate del torneo NCAA, l&#39;ACC distribuirà il 98% di its planned payments to member schools this spring, ACC commissioner John Swofford said Thursday.Reduced expenses amid the cancellation of spring sports because of the coronavirus pandemic and better-than-expected ACC Network revenues allowed the conference to essentially break even on the 2019-20 fiscal year even with the disruption, Swofford said in a video teleconference on the final day of the conference&#39;s (virtual) annual spring meeting.400 by Luke DeCock. MOVEDPHOTO^NC senate bill would allow state&#39;s college athletes to benefit from name, image and likeness<^NC-SENATE-BILL:RA—<A bill introduced Thursday in the N.C. Senate would allow the state&#39;s college athletes to financially benefit from their name, image and likeness while in school, and be able to hire an agent beginning in 2023.The bill, co-sponsored by state Sen. Wiley Nickel (D-Wake) and Sen. Paul A. Lowe (D-Forsyth), also would create a study commission on student-athlete compensation and a "fair and equitable system" of compensation.If passed by the General Assembly, the portion of Senate Bill 759 concerning name, image and likeness would become effective July 1, 2023. An 18-person study committee, representing the state Senate and House, would be authorized by July 1, 2020 and report its findings and recommendations in the 2021 regular session of the General Assembly.350 by Chip Alexander. MOVEDPHOTO^GOLF<^How the PGA Tour plans to hold the Colonial safely amid coronavirus pandemic<^GLF-COLONIAL-SAFETY:FT—<FORT WORTH, Texas — The PGA Tour unveiled a detailed, 37-page health and safety plan outlining the protocols and measures that will be taken at next month&#39;s Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club.The idea is to create a "bubble" for players and others associated with the event by isolating them from the general public as much as possible, and encouraging social distancing measures on and off the course. The PGA Tour has already said fans would not be able to attend the tournament, which is scheduled for the week of June 8 with tournament rounds June 11-14."While we believe we have created an extremely comprehensive health and safety plan, we will not play if we do not feel we can provide a safe and healthy environment for all constituents," the PGA Tour said in a memo sent to its players.900 by Drew Davison. MOVEDPHOTO^AUTO RACING<^NASCAR adds five more Cup races to the schedule after Charlotte, including Atlanta<CAR-NASCAR-SCHEDULE:CH — NASCAR released updates to its 2020 schedule on Thursday afternoon, adding Cup Series races at five more tracks through late-June. All additional events will run without fans in attendance.Those events include newly scheduled races at Bristol, Atlanta, Martinsville, Homestead-Miami and Talladega following the Wednesday night race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 27."As we prepare for our return to racing at Darlington Raceway on Sunday, the industry has been diligent in building the return-to-racing schedule," NASCAR executive vice president Steve O&#39;Donnell said in a statement.300 by Alex Andrejev in Charlotte, N.C. MOVEDPHOTO^HORSE RACING<^New Preakness date to be revealed Saturday on NBC<RAC-PREAKNESS-DATE:BZ — A postponed date for the Preakness Stakes will be revealed Saturday afternoon at the top of an NBC special marking the original date for the second leg of the Triple Crown series.Gov. Larry Hogan and Stronach Group Chairman and President Belinda Stronach will make the announcement at 5 p.m. as part of a one-hour broadcast that will also celebrate American Pharoah&#39;s 2015 Preakness victory in the wake of a blinding rainstorm.The Stronach Group and Hogan announced the race would be postponed in mid-March, shortly after Churchill Downs Inc. moved the Kentucky Derby from May 2 to Sept. 5 because of the coronavirus pandemic.200 by Childs Walker in Baltimore. MOVEDPHOTO^A guide to placing bets online when horse racing resumes in Kentucky this weekend<RAC-ONLINE-BETTING:LX — Thoroughbred horse racing is set to resume at Churchill Downs on Saturday some three weeks after the track&#39;s Spring Meet was originally scheduled to open. The coronavirus pandemic prompted the delay and forced officials to postpone the 146th Kentucky Derby until Sept. 5.While the return of competition is surely welcomed by racing enthusiasts, there remains an obstacle for folks who want to bet the ponies — fans will not be permitted at Churchill Downs during the meet. Only authorized employees and Kentucky Horse Racing Commission license holders providing support for horses stabled at the track will be allowed on the property until officials lift restrictions.600 by Josh Sullivan in Lexington, Ky. MOVEDPHOTO^OLYMPICS<^Postponing Tokyo Games will cost IOC as much as $800 million<^OLY-TOKYO-EXPENSES:LA—<International Olympic Committee leaders now say that postponing the Tokyo Games because of the coronavirus outbreak will cost their organization as much as $800 million.IOC President Thomas Bach offered the detailed estimate of added expenses after a remote meeting of his executive board on Thursday.The IOC&#39;s announced total does not include costs incurred by organizers in Tokyo, who could see their budget swell by an estimated $2 billion to $6 billion.200 by David Wharton. MOVEDPHOTO^RECEIVE TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE SPORTS BUDGETS BY EMAIL<You can now have the Tribune News Service Sports Budget emailed to you each day. 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