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In the event that you have access to the deceased's personal documents, you will be able to check whether you are the beneficiary of life insurance.

You can also contact the AGIRA association (Association for the Management of Information on Insurance Risk) in order to carry out this verification. AGIRA informs all companies and mutual insurance companies of the death.
Since the Eckert law (n ° 2014-617 of June 13, 2014), insurers have the obligation, once informed of the death of the insured, to seek the beneficiaries of his life insurance contract.

The notary in charge of the succession can also verify this possibility by questioning the Ficovie file, which lists all the life insurance contracts existing in France.

It is possible to designate the beneficiary (ies) of the life insurance policy either within the framework of the standard clause (thus the beneficiaries can be determined according to their degree of kinship with the insured (spouse, child …)) or to expressly designate the beneficiary (ies) by indicating surname, first name, date of birth, address, and to specify if necessary and in the presence of several beneficiaries the percentage of the capital to be allocated to them.

CAPITAL PAYMENT: steps to follow at bnp paribas and cardif

If you are a beneficiary already identified by the contract clause: the Successions BNP Paribas agency will send you by mail the contact details of Cardif, the insurer of the life insurance contract.

First, you will need to send Cardif the following documents:

  • The original of the death certificate
  • To prove your identity:
    – if you are explicitly named in the contract, the two-sided copy of your national identity card or valid passport.
    – if the beneficiary is not named or if it is a child or a person entitled(1) adults, you must send a copy of the national identity card and a copy of the notoriety document obtained from a notary.
  • The bank details
  • The certificate of honor (form 990-I) completed and signed
  • A completed and signed FATCA / AEOI self-certification form

It is advisable to send these documents by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

Do you think you have a life insurance policy? Contact Cardif directly to send them an identity document to justify your status and learn about the steps to take.
If it turns out that you are a beneficiary, Cardif will send you a letter asking for the supporting documents mentioned above.

To find out more, visit the space dedicated to beneficiaries of life insurance Cardif.

(1) Person who, by his situation, is beneficiary of a right coming from a third party (example: beneficiary of an inheritance).


Upon receipt of the complete file, the insurance company has one month to settle the death benefit owed to you. After this period, the unpaid capital generates interest calculated at twice the legal rate for two months, then triple the legal rate from the third month.
For beneficiaries other than the spouse, the civil partner and in limited cases the brothers and sisters, this capital will be paid after the possible payment of specific levies. These are calculated according to the date of subscription of the contract, the age of the insured at the time of payments and the final amount of savings.