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If you cancel a policy, expect it will take a month for a refund. Initially I had purchased my renters insurance through Homesite because I thought Esurance would offer me a discount on my car insurance as they are "partner" agencies … No luck. When my auto insurance skyrocketed over $ 100 a month more (I have an immaculate record and it was PLPD), my boyfriend and I decided to combine our insurance and include renters with auto insurance. I called 18:30 EST and was put on hold. I plugged in the earphones and started gardening / backyard. I finally hung up 2 HOURS LATER after setting up a web account and canceling there. Forwarding to 10 days later and I have not yet received a refund for the money taken THE DAY AFTER I tried to cancel by phone (side note, the website would not allow me to cancel the day I called, or even the following day , forced me to choose 2 days later). I called a few minutes ago to inquire about the refund and was told 15-20 business days to repay the money to my account. That ends up being about a month. I don't understand why this would be. It is not necessary to perform calculations, this is not a small local company and they have all the information on my debit card and current address. Don't worry about using this company for SOMETHING, it's tricks and sucks.