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DOVER – For Paul Marquis to leave the secondary lines as a high school varsity coach, he felt that an opportunity had to present itself that came at the right time and was the right solution for him, his career and his family. he believes he found this opportunity.The Marquis, who led the York High School boys' basketball team to the class A state championship game in February, and the St. Thomas Aquinas women's soccer team in the Division III semifinals last fall, the new principal was appointed to St. Thomas Aquinas High School. "Leaving the margins, leaving the boys in York and the girls in St. Thomas, was a very difficult decision," said the Marquis, who has been a chemistry and physics teacher in St. Thomas for the past four years. "This (administrative position) is something I thought I could excel at. I think my stay in St. Thomas over the past four years has given me a whole new perspective. I feel at home in St. Thomas. I think it will be fine for me and hopefully for school too. "At the beginning of the week the marquis was offered the position." Definitely, as with any life-changing decision, you sit down and think about it, "said the Marquis. "I had some discussions with my family. My wife supported me so much as a coach. She was fantastic. She knows how difficult it will be for me to get away from the margins, but she also knows that this is an opportunity to grow. as an educator. ”The Marquis will replace Kevin Collins, who will retire at the end of the current school year. Marquis said that although he remains in St. Thomas, the main position requirements would prevent him from continuing to train the girls. ca lcio in the school. "It will be important that I am fully available to everyone in St. Thomas Aquinas," he said. The Marquis met with York program members Thursday morning and his St. Thomas team on Thursday evening to inform them of his decision. "Coaching is who I am, it is what I have done throughout my career," he said. the Marquis. “I have been a teacher, an educator since I graduated. I have been teaching for 27 years now, and in these 27 years many of them have been with me training three variety sports and, if not three, two. It would never have been easy to leave the margins. I am seeing this as coaching, but only in a different vein. I won't be on the sidelines, but I hope I will bring some of the passions and skills to different people in a different way. The Marquis went 48-13 in his three seasons as head coach of the York basketball program. "He was a great coach for us and goes beyond just winning games," said York athletic director Jeff Oliver. “The kids looked at him and worked hard for him. I think he will do great things as headmaster, but he will be a very difficult coach to replace. "Kevin Giannino joined the Marquis staff in York in the 2017-18 season." (The Marquis is an exceptional and model trainer, "said Giannino," a boy you would like to play for. He basically entered a storm three years ago, calmed the waters, scored an average of 16 wins per season and he arrived in 8 minutes from the delivery of the first York basketball state championship in almost 30 years. We will miss him very much both on and off the field. "Will MacDonald was a captain of the York team this year which is went 21-1 and lost against Hampden Academy in the class A state championship game. "We all had a great relationship with the coach Marquis and we will cherish the memories we have made forever", he MacDonald said. "We made good memories." York led Hampden at 11 with 2:37 in the third quarter and seemed ready to win his first state championship since 1991. However, Hampden made a draw for 21-1 in the next 6 minutes and shocked York, 65-56 years old, at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland. "Time certainly heals," said the Marquis. “And even in the moment, and until that (game) and the following weeks, I knew how much we really achieved as a team and as a program. We did some special things over there. Some of the successes we have had have been on the basketball court, but many other successes that have not been. The connections I made with those guys and the community are really special. Not many coaches have the opportunity to train in a state championship game; the result was not what we wanted, but if it's really the last time I hook them up and take the whistle out, it's a special group to hang out with. "The guys really enjoyed the time they spent together. I don't know what the exact quote is, but it's something like," Don't be disappointed, don't be sad because it's over. Be excited, be happy that it happened. "That's how I look at those guys, and these are some memories that I will surely cherish for the rest of my life." The Marquis went from 26 to 23-2-2 in his three seasons with St. Thomas Soccer, including last year's 14-4 reached the last four. "St. Thomas is ready to really move in a big direction, "said the Marquis." In three years, we have gone from a team of 500 to four finals. Those (the elderly coming) are incredible. We entered together and they did things so wonderful. Obviously, it will be extremely difficult (don't educate them), but I will see them every day and support them. It is not difficult to go down the stairs to the new field of dreams over there and see them do wonderful things. "