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Brands across the board are revisiting their strategies to offer a sense of security and trust in the wider community. For TV Naarayan "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" -Stephen HawkinsHow do you define these times? That unique period in your life in which you spent more time with your loved ones, not because you chose it, but because nature forced you to do it? Or the time when the world (at least India) has seen a 3 decades mythological series whose CGI effects are not comparable to that of Marvel produced just a year ago with Infinity Wars-End Game? These are strange times when we find ourselves meditating on what could be and finding ways to cope with the new ways of living that have emerged from the current global crisis. A Gartner report suggests that most today seek comfort and security to create a protected and protected environment for themselves. Isn't that what man has wanted throughout the history of evolution? Brands across the board are revisiting their strategies to offer a sense of security and trust in the wider community. While this is the case during the pandemic, the crisis will cause long-term psychological change in the way we do things. This makes it imperative for marketers to drive with agility and adapt to changes to win consumer confidence. Here are some ways that marketers will deal with the post COVID-19 era. Change in narrative Research indicates that consumers expect more brand awareness in these test times by addressing the wider problem than being opportunistic. They expect brands to communicate around the company's purpose and values. This trend should also prevail after the pandemic. It would be expected that instead of resorting to product push strategies, big established brands will gravitate to empathic communication to connect with consumers on a deeper level. On the contrary, smaller brands and new age startups will focus on the bottom of the content of the funnel to obtain direct results. Regardless of the vintage of the brands, the era of "service with a smile" has really come and this alone will define the success of the brands. In parallel, it could be assumed that brands will adopt a "cautiously optimistic approach" that will shape their growth. For example, to strengthen normality, brands will introduce a wave of "pick up where you left off" campaigns. It will be almost in the wake of forgetting the past and forging a new future. Many will draw inspiration from how humanity has overcome setbacks like The Great Depression, the 1973 oil crisis or even the 2007-08 economic downturn to reassure consumers that the human race is mentally equipped to emerge on top of all the challenges they face, including COVID -19, while restoring positivity. Brands and governments around the world will come together to build and strengthen economies that need harassment. One of the big bets would be the brands that usher in a partnership era very similar to the global pharmaceutical companies working together to find a vaccine. Going alone would make it difficult for smaller brands and smart ones will reinvent / modify their business models in the immediate future. For example, Foodtech companies that distribute food during these periods or SMEs that access digital payments to expand their base. Revisiting pre-COVID campaigns Campaigns that would otherwise have been lit by greenery to show off unusual themes and be "off the beaten track" will pause. Human psychology suggests that people love normality, the status quo in practice but praise the moments of victory against all odds. All the things that seem trivial and boring are what we want back in our lives. The daily rush to the office, managing those meetings and talking to people in person is what we crave. Just like the evolution of Homosapien, brands will also have to evolve. In the past two days, contactless or digital payments and contactless deliveries have gained in importance. Would these have been the main themes for a TVC before Covid 19? It would have been shot down as trivial. The security that is almost at the base of Maslow's hierarchy of needs would have been treated as messaging hygiene and something snappy would have made the cut. Not today. Today, most of the world's immediate concerns are the basic needs of food, water, heat, security (digitally delivered where possible). It will take some time for normalcy or the way we have lived before to form. However, when it does, the brands push for pole position. Until then, it will be the new normal that we are adapting to the greater realization for safety. The priority of health and well-being, the fear of unemployment and the interruption in the routine caused by COVID instilled the idea of ​​saving for a rainy day in the minds of consumers and will reflect through their behavior. The brands that tick all the boxes in these periods to do social good or to allow for a better tomorrow, will surely see an increase in demand and will produce fruitful results in the post COVID era. If there has ever been a time when "the greatest good of humanity" takes precedence over a BOGO offer, it is so. Resilience will bear fruit The post-pandemic era will test the true resilience of brands and their scaling ability. Those who anchor basic messaging communication and quickly align strategies will penetrate and witness monumental growth. A Google search that is consistent these days is around the vaccine. Hope is what makes us go around. And hope and positivity are what brands must exude in these times. It is not the kind of hope that is utopian, but it is rooted in the strong belief and core of what they represent. Human beings, for all the millions of years of evolution, believe in one thing: something to hold on to, perhaps faith or love or hope for a better tomorrow and this is what has shaped us. It is time for brands to look at and convey that message. This quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson summarizes the need of the hour: "… We are not now the force that in the old days loved the earth and the sky; what we are, we are; an equal temperament of heroic hearts, weakened by the time and fate, but strong in the will to fight, seek, find and not give in. "The author is the marketing manager, PayPal India. The opinions expressed are personal.