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The family celebrates their birthday with a drive-by party. I hope everyone is as healthy and happy as possible. I know these difficult and frustrating times can cause even the cutest people to be grumpy, so take about three seconds before being rude to employees in grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and elsewhere. It is not their fault that we are in the situations in which we find ourselves.

They are trying to keep us fed, to get us the drugs we need, and to make sure our homes are up and running. Nobody wants the way of life we ​​are living. It is as it is. If you are old enough, think about a time when we could go to airports, amusement parks and sporting events without having to go through metal detectors or have your bags checked. We complained for a while and then we simply accepted it as a new normal. We still have so many things to be thankful for. I want you to think of one thing every day to see if it helps turn a negative attitude into a positive one. I know I have to do it alone many days. Sunday morning, I took a very short walk to my parents' house. I could hear the birds singing, the wind rustling the leaves slightly and no other sound anywhere. I took a picture of my peaceful environment. It was one of those moments when you like to dip everything inside. A few hours later, the fun started when we got ready for my granddaughter's first birthday, Emersyn. The house got crowded and the laughter and excitement continued for a good deal of the day. To maintain state guidelines, we organized a birthday party in the car. The first table had party favors, and the second place was for Emersyn, the gifts and her kisses that blew and greeted everyone. Table three was for cupcakes and pantries. Everything was done with as few contacts as possible and maximum imaginable fun. Our 1 year old was happy and enjoyed every minute until she got on the seat to go home and slept soundly. Sure, it was a little more work, but it was worth every moment. Emersyn hasn't made an easy entrance into the world and has done things his way ever since. He is happy, almost walks, says a few words and absolutely loves to explore. If you are 1 or 101 years old, take the time to explore. It could be digging in the mud, reading an article in a magazine or newspaper about something you didn't know, taking a ride along a road you've never traveled, listening to someone talking about something you've never known before, playing a game board with your grandchildren or children through FaceTime or taking a virtual tour. Just take the time. The mayor and council issued special provisions to allow Boonsboro to conduct municipal elections on Tuesday 9 June. Each voter registered within the city limits of Boonsboro will receive one vote per absent vote by post. All ballots must be received by 8:00 pm June 9th. The vote can be sent by post to the town hall at 21 North Main St. or deposited in one of the delivery boxes at the front and back of the town hall building. If you have any questions or assistance, call 301-432 -5141.Boonsboro American Legion Post 10 events Commander Gary Shank asks residents to keep an eye on fellow veterans, neighbors and friends via email, phone calls and letters. If you know a veteran who needs assistance, please email him at Currently, the Legion is open for outdoor seating under the pavilion from Monday to Thursday, 17 to 21. and from Friday to Sunday from noon to 22:00. Transfers are available during these hours. The Legion requires patience as it adjusts to the slow openings. The Flag Day is Sunday June 14th. Under normal circumstances, there would be a ceremony to dispose of the torn or damaged flag, but this year will not be held. Instead, tattered flags can be deposited in a box in the Legion's lobby for later disposal. Lobby hours vary depending on when someone is in the building. Mark McGlaughlin, a member of the Sons of the American Legion, memorized the flag with words: "The flag of our nation, a flag under God. We will always be proud of our flag, stand up with your hand on your heart, as we honor red, white and blue. Red is for courage – bloodshed in sacrifice. White is for freedom – the purity of freedom. Blue is for justice – as vast as the sky. "Boonsboro American Legion Post 10 is at 710 N. Main St. Meals On Wheels needs food donations The Meals on Wheels program through the Washington County Commission on Aging needs food donations for the elderly at home and customers disabled. They need canned foods, non-perishable items, stable milk, fruit juice boxes, cleaning products and toiletries. Plastic bags are needed to deliver the food. A donation site is located behind the Washington Center Senior Center, 535 E Franklin St., Hagerstown. Boonsboro Ambulance and Rescue Services Boonsboro Ambulance and Rescue Services Inc. would like to thank everyone who came on Saturday to purchase food and support the organization. The event was so successful that plans to have another one are scheduled this month. The annual fundraising for the ambulance and the rescue service will arrive very soon in your inbox. A direct mail is sent to all residential and commercial properties in the service the area. If you are new to the area, have recently moved or have never received a letter of donation and would like to support them, call 301-432-4806 to add your address to the list. The funds raised with this method go directly to the purchase of life-saving equipment and administrative costs for the management of the company.
All transportation is billed to an insurance company for cost recovery. Residents who contribute to the operation of the fund do not pay any outstanding fees if they are transported to the hospital by the ambulance company. By federal law, if you have not made a donation, you are considered a "non-subscriber" for any costs not covered by your insurance. There are three levels of subscribers to our company; singles, families and seniors aged 62 or over or in social security or disability matters. The company does not make any door-to-door fundraising requests or employs staff to do the fundraising for us. If you are contacted by someone requesting funds on behalf of the service, contact the station immediately at the emergency number 301-432-6979. Washington County Beekeepers Washington County Beekeepers meet practically on the first Thursday of each month via Zoom. If you are interested in attending a meeting or want more information about the group, send an email to New members are always welcome. You can help protect the local honey bee population by contacting the group to remove a swarm from your property. A swarm of honey bees is not a dangerous situation. Swarm is the natural means of reproduction of honey bee colonies: bees are remarkably docile during the swarm process and almost never sting. Please do not spray bees with pesticides or attempt to harm them in any way. They are precious pollinators and are necessary for our food supply. Many local beekeepers will remove the swarm for free and give the bees a good home. Please call Rick Stephens on 240-291-6890 or send an e-mail to The Boonsboro Farmers Market is working hard to provide local produce, meats, cheeses, breads, pastries, handmade soaps, lip balm, insect sprays, eggs, treasure and more. With the growth of the market, the variety of products also increases. The market added new suppliers this week. Mazzaroth Vineyard in Middletown will only sell bottles full of wine, without samples. The Fireside Pizza food truck will sell slices of pizza or "pizza-take-and-bake". The 241 Potomac St. market is open from 16 to 19. every Tuesday. Sellers accept cash and occasionally credit cards. Masks are mandatory for sellers and customers. Customers are asked to practice within 6 feet of the others and to refrain from touching something they are not going to buy. A community food gathering will be held between 4.30pm and 5.30pm. Thursday at the Boonsboro Family Worship Center, 7605 Old National Pike, Boonsboro. Anyone who needs food for their family is welcome to the rear of the church, where volunteers will put food in the trunk of their vehicles. to donate all non-perishable food products that have not passed the expiration date, please leave a message at 301-432-0707 for delivery information. Come enjoy the porches, courtyards, and lawn area socially spaced with your favorite Big Cork wine from 11 am-5pm seven days a week at 4236 Main St. in Rohrersville on a first come first served basis , first served ", bringing glasses and corkscrew or buying them in the retail boutique. Only outdoor groups of no more than six people can be accommodated in the outdoor seating areas. Visit for complete policies and procedures to ensure the safety of guests and employees during a visit. There will be live music from 13 to 16. Saturday with Drew Adams and Sunday from 13 to 16 with Mark England. Big Cork is open for pickup sales every day from 11am to 5pm. Here are some virtual trips to school children or just have fun at home. Visit for a variety of options. Facebook has a feature that shares the memories of the posts you added on the same day for several years. Today, for some reason, many memories have sprung up on my page: lately I have used social media only for my address book and my photos because there is too much hatred, anger and fake posts. I have found that I am more accomplished, I have time to send a letter or five just to surprise someone and I have more time to do the things I love with the people I love. Hope you try to do the same this week. Also, I don't want to forget to wish my friends Doris Giffin, Leslie Cochran, Loni Henline, Alice Atkins, Bonnie Miller, Eileen Owens and my father-in-law Larry Slifer a happy birthday! I'm sure I missed some of them, and I'm sorry for that. "Do to others what you would like to be done to you." This is actually a verse from the Bible, Luke 6:31. This verse is commonly known as the Golden Rule; in the sense that we have to treat others the way we want them to treat us.