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Receive real-time updates during the day on how COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, is affecting North Texas. »COVID-19 of numbers: what should I know about coronavirus? Get information from the CDC. What is going on locally, state and nationally? Discover the special coverage of NPR, PBS and public radio stations in The Texas Newsroom: KERA for North Texas (including the quick daily updates below); KUT in Austin; Houston Public Media; Texas Public Radio in San Antonio; and Marfa Public Radio. How does coronavirus affect northern Texans on the financial front? Take a closer look at our new series, "One Crisis Away: Coronavirus And Life On The Financial Edge". In Texas: Over 68,600 cases and 1,700 deaths have been reported. More than 45,800 Texans have recovered. In northern Texas: cases in Dallas County: 10,958; Tarrant County: 5,761; Collin County: 1,346; Denton County: 1,435. At least 485 deaths have been reported in the four largest counties in the region. Texas Counties: Use The Texas Newsroom interactive maps. Global: see the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard. Abbott announces reopening of Phase III: almost all Texas companies can operate at 50% of capacity. The government Greg Abbott announced today the reopening of the third phase in Texas. With immediate effect, almost all companies in the state can operate with a maximum capacity of 50%, with very limited exceptions. Companies that previously had been able to operate at 100% of capacity can continue to do so, and most outdoor areas are not subject to capacity limits, said a note from the governor's office. "The people of Texas continue to demonstrate that we can safely and responsibly open our state for business while still containing COVID-19 and keeping our state safe," said Abbott. "At the beginning of Phase III, I ask all Texan and Texan companies to continue following standard health protocols and taking into account the guidance of our state and federal officials who continue to monitor COVID-19 closely. If we remain vigilant, we will continue to mitigate the spread of this virus, protect public health and bring more Texans back to work and their daily activities. "According to the governor's office, between May 26 and June 2, over 45% of new cases in Texas they came from prisons or prisons, meat packaging plants and nursing homes: currently there are 1,487 Texans hospitalized because of the disease, an estimated 20,679 active cases in the state and 45,858 Texans have been cured. Plan: effective June 3: All companies currently operating with a 25% capacity can expand their employment to 50% with a few exceptions. Bars and similar establishments can increase their capacity to 50% as long as customers are seated. Amusement parks and carnivals in counties with less than 1,000 confirmed positive cases can open at 50% of capacity. Restaurants can extend the maximum table size from 6 to 10 people. From 12 June: restaurants can increase their occupancy level from s to 75%. Counties with 10 or fewer active COVID-19 cases can expand their occupancy limits to 75%. Counties that fall into this category but have not previously submitted a certificate to the DSHS will need to do so. As of June 19: amusement parks and carnivals in counties with over 1,000 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases could open at 50% of capacity. Additional openings: special arrangements have been made for outdoor meetings, such as the 4th of July celebrations, but it is imperative that local officials and public health officials work together on secure standards. These provisions are included in the governor's executive order and are also available on the Open Texas web page. 4 more deaths and 239 new cases in Dallas County Dallas county today reports four deaths and 239 new cases of COVID-19. This brings the total case count in Dallas County to 10,958, including 249 deaths. "Today's numbers add up to a week that appears to be a significant increase from last week for both reported cases and deaths," Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said in a statement. The four deaths reported today are described as: – A Lancaster man in his forties who had been seriously ill in a local hospital. He had underlying high-risk health conditions. -A man from Dallas in his fifties who had been seriously ill in a local hospital. He had underlying high-risk health conditions. -A woman from Dallas in her fifties who had been seriously ill in a local hospital. He had no underlying high-risk health conditions. -A woman from Dallas who was over 100 years old. She was hospitalized and had high-risk health conditions. 138 new cases in Tarrant County Public health in Tarrant County reported 138 additional cases of COVID-19, bringing the number of cases in the county to 5,761. There were 168 deaths from COVID-19 and 2,420 patients have recovered from the virus in the county. 89-year-old Frisco Man with COVID-19 dies in Plano hospital An 89-year-old Frisco man with COVID-19 died late Tuesday evening in a Plano hospital, according to a report received by county health officials from Collin. The man also had basic health conditions. The Texas Department of Health Services (DSHS) is reporting a total of 1,346 confirmed total cases of COVID-19 in Collin County to date, including 36 deaths. As of June 1, DSHS has taken on the task of investigating, monitoring and tracing Collin County COVID-19 cases. Denton County Reports 19 New Cases Denton County is reporting 19 new COVID-19 cases. This increases the cumulative county level total to 1,435 confirmed cases, including 32 deaths. Denton County Public Health will offer free drive-through tests on Friday at Sanger Sports Park at 2101 I-35 Frontage Road from 8:00 am to noon. All essential employees can be tested for free, but members of the general community must have had symptoms of COVID-19 or been symptomatic in the past 7 days. Community members must call to pre-register for tests at 940-349-2585. Texas Capitol Test Officer Positive A security force member temporarily assigned to the Texas Capitol tested positive for coronavirus, according to the State Preservation Board. The agency was informed overnight that a COVID-19 case had been confirmed on Capitol Hill, where extra security was stationed during recent protests against police brutality. "We understand that the case involves the DPS / National Guard security contingent temporarily assigned to the Capitol," spokesman for the State Conservation Council Chistopher Currens in an email. The Texas Public Security Department and the Texas National Guard did not immediately respond to the request for comment. Read the full story to the American-Statesman of Austin. Some North Texas Cinemark theaters will reopen on June 19 Plano's Cinemark theaters are scheduled to reopen the selected North Texas theaters on June 19, then all of its locations in the United States within the next month. CEO Mark Zoradi described the process during an investor conference call on Wednesday morning. "The first phase is a test phase in five rooms in and around the DFW area," said Zoradi. "Close to our office and service center just to make sure all our systems are installed, everything works technically and all our health and safety protocols work as expected." Cinemark reported a loss of $ 60 million in the first quarter. The theater chain has been closed since early March and has fired thousands of hourly workers and fired half of its corporate team. Texans could receive up to one year of unemployment benefit based on the second extension of aid Texans who receive unemployment could be eligible for a total of 52 weeks of allowance – double the typical help time available – since the state triggered an extended indemnity period, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. The unemployed have historically received up to 26 weeks of benefits. The U.S. Department of Labor notified the Texas Workforce Commission on Monday that the state triggered what is called the State Extended Benefits, which provides 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits. This comes after a federal coronavirus rescue bill has previously extended some unemployment benefits for 13 weeks under what is called pandemic emergency unemployment compensation. The first week that Texans could start receiving these new extended benefits is the week ending July 4, which is 13 weeks after the PEUC extension in the state came into effect. People must first run out of the standard 26 weeks, plus the additional 13 weeks under PEUC, before receiving the additional 13 weeks of extended benefits, said Cisco Gamez, spokesman for the commission. PEUC is also what allows Texans to receive an additional $ 600 in benefits per week for up to 13 weeks. It is available until July 25th. Read the full story of The Texas Tribune. North Texas Food Bank relies on staff as National Guard members are reassigned to help with protests Greg Abbott government redistributed guards on Saturday as protests over repeated police brutality cases swept the country, according to the Dallas Morning News. As a result, over 250 National Guard members have been retired from their jobs to help the North Texas Food Bank. The food bank has been relying on National Guard assistance since April, as the pandemic has caused a sharp increase in those in need of food assistance. Now, the food bank will have to rely on around 25 employees to take on roles that the National Guard has helped fill. Depending on the duration of the reassignment, they can use ShiftSmart, a company that employs workers who have lost their income due to closures related to coronavirus. 257 new cases and 16 deaths in Dallas County; Both New Single-Day Records Dallas County health officials report 257 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of cases in the county to 10,719, including 245 deaths. Officials said the weekly number of new hospitalizations for COVID-19 has not decreased significantly in the past seven weeks. Of the 1,681 cases requiring hospitalization to date, over two thirds (69%) were under 65 years of age and about half had no chronic disease. Of the deaths in the county, 38% were associated with long-term care facilities. 89 new cases in Tarrant County Public health in Tarrant County reported 89 additional cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of cases in the county to 5,623. There have been 167 COVID-19-related deaths in the county. Denton County Reports 18 New Cases Denton County is reporting 18 new COVID-19 cases. This increases the cumulative county level total to 1,416 confirmed cases, including 32 deaths. County health officials report that 684 people have recovered from the disease. Denton County Public Health offers free COVID-19 drive-through tests on Friday at Sanger Sports Park at 2101 I-35 Frontage Road from 8:00 am to noon. Any member of the community can be tested for COVID-19 symptoms or has been symptomatic for the past seven days. All essential employees are also eligible for free tests. Community members must call to pre-register for tests at 940-349-2585. More than a third of Texans speak a language other than English. This means that key Coronavirus updates are not accessible to them. A few days after the entry into force of Hidalgo County residence orders in late March, some of the area's mostly Latin residents learned of the new rules not from government officials accused of protecting them, but from police officers at the checkpoints that write quotes to unknowingly violate the rules. While the action around the COVID-19 pandemic was changing rapidly, the news did not reach people in their native languages ​​in real time. Hidalgo County, where some checkpoints have been established, is 92% in Latin. Carlos Sanchez, a county spokesman, said police officers did not issue tickets immediately. The first week of the executive order, the officers were in "educational mode", explaining to some residents that they were listening for the first time how the county and state were adapting to the pandemic. More than a third of Texans speak a language other than English at home, according to census data. Spanish is largely the most spoken language, with Vietnamese, Chinese languages ​​and Tagalog – spoken in the Philippines – holding the other top spots. But news broadcasts and articles, changing government mandates and the latest health security guidelines are mostly communicated in English. Local and state leaders must make strides to get critical and life-saving information for the masses in as many languages ​​as possible, non-profit leaders and state residents said. Read the full history of the Texas Tribune. Southwest Airlines Offers Employees a Purchase Package Southwest Airlines offers employees what they call the most generous "purchase package" in history to avoid layoffs or layoffs. The Dallas Morning News reports that employees more than ten years old at the Dallas-based airline can retire early. In this case, the airline will grant them one year's pay plus four years of flight privileges. Early retirees would also have one year of health insurance paid by the company. The announcement comes as many airlines are scrambling to cut costs before September 30th. This is when staff protection obligations end with the federal incentive package. Southwestern employees have until July 15 to apply for the programs. 21 new cases in Tarrant County Tarrant County Public Health has announced 21 additional COVID-19 cases in the county, bringing the case count to 5,534. There were 165 COVID-19-related deaths in the county and 2,324 people recovered from the virus. Denton County Reports 1 Additional Death, 26 New Cases Denton County Public Health has announced an additional patient who died in the county from COVID-19, resulting in 32 total deaths. The death reported today is of a 50-year-old woman hospitalized. She was a Denton resident. The county also reported 26 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total case count in the county to 1,398. 228 additional cases in Dallas County Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 228 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of cases in the county to 10,462. There have been a total of 229 COVID-19-related deaths in the county. A 60-year-old woman with COVID-19 dies in Collin County A 60-year-old Wylie woman with COVID-19 and basic health conditions died Sunday morning in a Plano hospital, according to a report received by the health services of the Collin county. This is the 35th death of a Collin county resident known to have COVID-19. Collin County Health Services reported 1,312 COVID-19 cases on Monday morning. Currently, 922 of these individuals have recovered and 16 are currently hospitalized. Texas reports that the highest state sales decline in state sales from one year to the next In a decade Texas controller Glenn Hegar announced that state sales tax revenues totaled $ 2.61 billion a May – a 13.2% drop from last May. The downturn is the most intense decline from one year to the next compared to January 2010. Most tax revenues for May sales are based on sales made in April and remitted to the agency in May. Throughout the month of April, widespread social distancing requirements were introduced across the state. "Significant decreases in sales tax revenues were evident in all major economic sectors except for telecommunication services," said Hegar. "The most marked drop was in oil and gas extraction collections, as energy companies cut well drilling and completion costs following the slump in oil prices." Hegar said that return orders and business outages due to COVID-19 have led to "deep falls" from restaurants, entertainment and recreation services, and physical stores. However, he said that the downturns were partially offset by increases in large box retailers, grocery stores, online retailers and restaurants that turned to takeaway and delivery. Online Housing Applications Available to Collin County Residents Collin County residents affected by COVID-19 can now apply online for housing and life assistance grants. Assistance is part of Collin CARES 'recovery plan which provides up to $ 2,500 per month in financial support for each qualified family. The CARES plan provides direct financial assistance for housing, public services and food, for up to four months. Funding comes from Coronavirus' Federal Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES), which sent over $ 171 million in federal aid to Collin County for family and government costs related to COVID-19. More information on the county's Colles CARES program at As Texas businesses reopen, a short-lived coronavirus safety net is dismantled This spring, when a global pandemic promised historic suffering and economic ruin, Texas officials sought unknown tools. They have put together some protections for the most vulnerable, expanding unemployment benefits and child subsidies, limiting evictions, closings of public services and collections. As summer approaches without any cure for the virus and Texas companies reopen to cut profits, many of the threads of that improvised safety net are being cut. The dead peak 1,600; the unemployed exceed 2 million. The state craves a return to normal. But the ongoing human and economic trauma has interrupted a debate between those who believe that the pandemic is upsetting a sustainable economic order and those who think it will clarify the fault lines in the system. Read the full history of the Texas Tribune here. 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