Supporting healthcare for all Missourians | Opinion – Get a quote in 2 minutes

According to today more than 230,000 Missouri citizens do not have health coverage and many of these are workers, veterans, parents and citizens about to retire. Our neighbors, our church leaders and those who have a part-time job – we know them and yet we don't know that they struggle between paying the rent or paying for the necessary medications, simply because they can't afford the rent ;insurance. People who are not insured are less likely to seek preventative care / treatment and are more likely to use first aid services for non-emerging needs. On August 4th we will have the opportunity to vote for Medicaid access to those who need it most. Amendment 2, HealthCare for Missouri, will extend Medicaid's access across the state to these uninsured citizens. The Portland Health Center had the opportunity to support this effort earlier this week when MARV (Medicaid Ambulance Response Vehicle) visited Parkland Health Center on its tour to educate our community about the need for expansion. Medicaid. BJC HealthCare and Parkland Health Center support this initiative to ensure access to health care for all our citizens. We hope you will join us and over 200 organizations that support Amendment 2 and will vote yes on August 4th. We continue to face difficult times with many variables coming together at the same time. Addressing all these problems at the same time can be challenging and tedious, but we cannot afford to tire and give up.