Life insurance: key points to know– Get a quote in minutes

You are about to retire, you are wondering what it will be, you have some concerns and insecurities, or conversely, you already know the activities you want to do, but will they fill the half l hour of free time you will earn.

Life insurance is a recipe for promoting a balanced retirement that will meet your needs and who you are.

If millions of people have chosen “life insurance” to prepare for their retirement, it is because it is a very good long-term way to build capital and to value it. How do I join?

Indeed, life insurance acquires tax benefits after eight years and logically, the earlier you start paying money on your contract, the more you will build up significant capital which over time will produce interests.

At retirement age you choose to buy back all of your capital, that is to say recover it entirely or gradually recover it in the form of a monthly, quarterly or annual life annuity. Do not hesitate to inquire, there are products close to life insurance, which have been specifically designed to meet all the expectations of future retirees.

Finding all the answers to your life insurance needs is not easy and takes time to find the right contract for you. This step remains important regardless of the choice of offer marketed.

What are the types of life insurance?

Be careful not to confuse life and death insurance. It may be because of its name that life insurance is often misunderstood. Indeed, one might think that it is linked to death when it is nothing. In fact, life insurance means insurance in the event of life and it allows its holder, we speak of an insured subscriber, to build up capital which will benefit from ever more advantageous tax conditions over time.

When the holder disappears, its capital is transferred to the beneficiary of the contract (family member or person (s) without family ties) always with the same advantages.

The insured has the choice between different supports or also called account units which range from the most secure: the support in euros, to the most risky: mainly backed by stocks.

The objective is to benefit over a long investment period from the performance potential of the equity markets. And the day you want to recover your savings, you recover the equivalent value in euros of this number of shares. So if the UCITS or the SICAV has experienced very positive financial performances, the recovery will be more than the part invested at the start. If, on the other hand, the performances were not at the rendezvous, in the event of financial crac, can have rather harmful consequences on savings which is exclusively placed on these supports. The recovery will therefore be less than the original share.

Otherwise, general funds or funds in euros, it is the insurer who bears the risk. For the insured, there are risks and regular returns that are not necessarily very high. On unit-linked contracts, it is the insured who bears the financial risks and in return he can expect much higher financial performance.

There are different types of life insurance policies, the most common being multi-support. In order to assess the interest, you need to know the essentials about the management methods, the guarantees provided and the costs to be expected.

Whether you want to make a partial withdrawal at once or in the form of a life annuity. It is important to anticipate conditions such as social security contributions or the taxable amount depending on the age of your contract.

The advantages of life insurance

We should add that the fact of transmitting these documents according to their remuneration via life insurance offers many advantages in terms of exemption and the free choice of the beneficiary.

Depending on your situation, it is still necessary to compare, measure and choose from the many savings products that are not lacking, life insurance, as the first savings product for many people.

In addition, she knows how to adapt according to contracts, the payment amounts are very accessible. Besides, irregular payments can be suspended if necessary and resumed later. It is still possible to make free payments. Be aware that life insurance provides a personalized response to each investor's profile.

And then life insurance also responds to all kinds of projects: capitalization, preparation for retirement, anticipation of the estate.

To sum up, whatever the age and the financial situation of the subscriber, there is always life insurance that suits him perfectly. Finally unlike the booklet, life insurance is not subject to a ceiling and a person can join as many contracts as he wishes.

Organizing your estate, preparing for retirement, investing or simply planning for the unexpected, life insurance, which has been considered for many years the preferred investment for many people, offers many possibilities. It is still necessary to know which contract to turn to.

It will help you to fall well into retirement, and to see the key ingredients according to your perception, the contribution of your work and its impacts.

Flexibility, accessibility, personalization, that's what explains the success of life insurance.