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Build up capital at your own pace

Life insurance first allows you to build up capital and value it in an attractive tax framework. It is a medium / long term savings solution for carrying out one or more projects: financing children's studies, preparing for retirement, etc.

It is also a means of transmitting capital to those close to you, by designating one or more persons of your choice (the “beneficiaries”) who will receive the capital constituted in the event of death.

The investment supports of the life insurance contract adapted to its projects

The subscriber / subscriber makes an initial payment and then, depending on his savings possibilities, free or scheduled payments. Thus, gradually, the saver builds up capital at his own pace.

Children's studies, retirement, inheritance, how to prepare them?

With the support of his Advisor, the subscriber / subscriber chooses, according to his wealth and financial situation, his objectives, his sensitivity to risk, his investment horizon, his financial skills, the distribution that suits him the best between the Security support in euros which offers a guarantee of the net capital invested and support in unit of accounts invested in the equity, bond or real estate markets which can offer a potential of higher return in return for a risk of capital losses .

When the subscriber / subscriber wants to have a capital or to secure an additional income, he can, when the time comes, recover his savings, in the form of capital (total withdrawal) or partial withdrawals punctual or programmed or in the form life annuity, that is to say, a sum regularly paid until the end of the life of the insured in return for the alienation of capital; that is, the insured no longer has the power to dispose of their capital or pass it on to their heirs. It is also possible to combine punctual or scheduled partial withdrawals of the capital constituted and life annuity.

A special feature of life insurance is that in the event of the death of the insured, the amount of capital built up does not systematically enter the assets of the estate. In this way, it is possible to transmit, excluding inheritance tax, within the limit of certain amounts, part of his assets to the persons of his choice. For that, it is advisable to envisage a “beneficiary clause” adapted to your situation. Your Advisor will be able to assist you in drafting the latter.