How to Leave Your Family $2 Million Virtually – Get your quote now

What happens to your family if you die unexpectedly? Sure, it's hard to think about it but it might be even more difficult to imagine that your family will face financial difficulties when you die. A life insurance policy can ensure that your family is treated in case of unthinkability.
It's easy to sign up for life insurance and we'll show you how simple it can be.
Life insurance goes virtual

What is one thing that people often associate with life insurance? That's right: medical tests. Needle shots, blood tests and urine samples with a stranger at your house: Yikes!
This is all in the past, thanks to Policygenius' new life insurance policy, Brighthouse SimplySelect. You can complete a life insurance medical exam over the phone – it's the newest telemedicine option.
Details you need to know

Is it too good to be true? Actually no.
You can leave your family up to $ 2 million without ever going to a medical clinic or setting up a physicist at home. (Other companies offer this type of policy available, but generally require higher rates.) With Brighthouse SimplySelect you will also avoid additional costs.
Policy example: A half million dollar hedging option for 20 years starts at $ 18 a month. If you decide to extend it for another 5 years, your reward could go up to $ 24 a month.
How to get started

1. Start by entering your postal code here. Policygenius pairs you with the best life insurance provider based on your location. Answer some preliminary questions. Policygenius wants to personalize your research by understanding if you have already had life insurance before and when you need to start coverage. Provide basic health details. This is the qualification step. Be honest about the use of tobacco products and the details of your past health history. Choose your coverage. Select a coverage amount that can go up to $ 2 million. Also choose the policy duration, up to 25 years. 5. Select a supplier. Policygenius will show you the quotes so you can compare which provider can offer you the best offer. Select the right one for you and continue with the application.
Once the application has been submitted and approved, full coverage can be obtained in a minimum of 3-4 days.
Get life insurance quickly

Avoid the stress and time constraints of obtaining a life insurance policy. Policygenius is here to help you and your family prepare. See if you qualify and get a quote in minutes.
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