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* Rates shown are for $ 100,000, 10 year term, women, 35 years old, excellent health, non nicotine user, automatic monthly payment.
Insurance agents do not provide legal or tax advice. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek independent legal, tax or financial advice before purchasing any contract indicated by the policy.
Prizes are guaranteed. They are leveled over the period of time and subsequently increase each year. All of the above rewards are examples only and may vary based on personal health history and underwriting guidelines. The answers provided to health questions are used to determine coverage eligibility. Not all candidates will qualify. The product and its features may not be available in all states. Coverage ends at the age of 95.

Series of traditional term policy forms: ICC19-1801 / 1801 (in OR: ICC19-1801)

ExpressTerm Policy Form Series: ICC19-1601 / 1601 (in OR: ICC19-1601)

Set of modules for the whole life insurance policy: ICC18-5601 and 5601 (in OR: ICC18-5601)
This is a summary of the insurance provisions and does not contain all the benefits and exclusions. For full terms of insurance coverage, contact your insurance professional or consult the policy.
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