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Life insurance: update on membership premiums

The French seek solutions to enrich themselves and to place their money … investment solutions abound and are more or less attractive. Faced with this horde of possibilities, here is a focus on life insurance, conditions, fees and premiums paid by players who stand out.

Bonuses to attract customers

The establishments have understood that the potential for money to be invested is significant and that the French are worried about their future. Indeed, during the confinement the citizens saved more than usual. This sum is therefore to be placed more than the prospects for a peaceful future are cut down by the media which rehash the repercussions of the failing management of the health crisis. The answer that life insurance brings seems adequate to the situation. Bonuses therefore allow establishments to attract attention and facilitate action. Here are the options available right now and for a limited period of course.

Boursorama Banque offers a € 200 bonus on managed management

The leader in online banking, Boursorama Banque, offers its customers who take out managed life insurance, a premium of € 200.

Premium conditions

This premium is refunded if:

  • The AV200 code is indicated when subscribing,
  • This must be the 1st life insurance contract opened at Boursorama Banque,
  • The down payment is at least € 5,000,
  • This bonus is valid for customers over three months only,
  • The membership file must be received complete and validated before June 30 in the evening.

Find out more about Boursorama managed life insurance

  • Boursorama Banque's life insurance contracts are arbitrated by Generali vie on the advice of renowned companies, namely: Edmond de Rothschild AM or Sycomore AM.
  • The fees are much lower than those found in a conventional bank. No fees on entry, payment, arbitration or change of management method. Fees can be up to 2.50% per year.
  • If necessary, even if this investment is seen over the long term, funds are available within 72 hours. (see the Boursorama Banque contract).
  • Those who are not yet Boursorama customers, those who have been for less than 3 months or those who are not interested in the premium, the minimum amount to invest is € 300.
  • There are 4 management profiles in piloted mode, annualized performance * over 10 years ranges from 3.51% to 6.20%.
  • There is also the free mode management profile.
  • The funds are in euros and offer more than 400 supports.
  • The offer received numerous trophies in 2020 and 2019.

Yomoni, the specialist in online savings through life insurance

Yomoni is a FrenchTech startup that supports French people in better management of their savings. To reward future clients for the investments they make to their homes, a bonus is often offered. Right now it's € 350.

Premium condition Yomoni

This premium is refunded if:

  • The SUMMER20 code is indicated when subscribing,
  • This is the first adhesion to a Yomoni contract,
  • The initial payment is at least € 10,000 on Yomoni Vie, except for profile 1, or for the opening of a securities account under mandate management, or the opening of a PEA under mandate also .
  • The membership file must be received complete and validated before the evening of September 2.

Find out more about Yomoni Vie

Yomoni Vie is a trendy solution and here is more information on what it offers:

  • Yomoni's life insurance contracts are arbitrated by the team itself and insured by Crédit Mutuel Suravenir.
  • The fees are lower than those of a traditional bank and an online bank. No fees on: entry, payment and arbitration. The fees vary depending on the management profile and can range up to 1.60% per year. Everything is clear and transparent, unlike other actors who do not specify everything.
  • When necessary, money is not blocked. It is available for partial or full buy-back.
  • For those who are not interested in the premium, the minimum amount to invest is 1000 €.
  • There are 10 management profiles, the annualized performance * for 2015 years ranges from 9.60% to 29.0%.
  • Life insurance is multi-support with funds in euros, stocks, stock market indices, bonds, commodities …

Other players in the sector

The sector includes many other players. Here are those who stand out with an attractive and atypical proposal.

Nalo: the startup that uses the methodology of a Nobel Prize winner

  • This player does not offer a premium but a reduction in management fees with 3 months free fees up to € 500.
  • Its pricing policy allows it to offer rates twice as low as those of a conventional bank. It is free of payment, withdrawal or arbitration fees. The total percentage of annual fee is 1.65%.
  • The methodology inspired by a Nobel Prize in economics is very reassuring because it works with levels of security.
  • Nalo offers project life insurance, he even claims to be the inventor of multi-project life insurance.
  • The minimum amount to invest is € 1000.
  • Money is available in 72 hours.
  • The life insurance contract is backed by Generali.
  • Since 2007, the average performance * is 8% for a portfolio made up of 95% equities.

Direct Placement: the pioneer in life insurance

This player has existed since 1999. Its headquarters are based in Paris and it now offers many investment solutions.

  • We have a weakness for Darjeeling and Kapital Direct. These two investments allow you to receive a membership bonus. The amount varies every month. Right now both contracts allow you to receive up to € 400 bonus. All the conditions can be found on the Darjeeling or Kapital Direct page.
  • Costs start at 0.75% for Kapital Direct and 0.6% for Darjeeling. Understanding the sum and the cacul is not necessarily obvious.
  • There are two management modes for Kapital Direct and 6 modes for Darjeeling.
  • The minimum payment is € 1000, those who wish to receive the premium will have to comply with the conditions and it will be necessary to invest at least € 2000 with a portion in Account Units (40%).
  • Darjeeling offers 900 UC supports and 50 trackers and Kapital Direct offers 300 supports and 31 trackers.

A global point on life insurance

The guide to life insurance

We have written a guide to life insurance. It simply presents everything you need to know about this solution and what you are not usually told when signing up. Thus, the reader will know:

  • What objectives can be covered by a life insurance contract,
  • How to compare offers well,
  • How to customize your contract according to your objective,
  • and many other answers.

Our latest tips

Life insurance is a long-term investment. That is to say at least 8 years of investment for tax reasons in particular. However, the funds remain available and can be redeemed quickly according to the signed contract.

We must take into account the tax which is levied when the funds are redeemed, this is the Single Fixed Levy (PFU). To avoid seeing soar up to 35% of profitability, for investments made before 2017 and up to 30% for those made after, it is best to consult this article on the famous box 2OP which is to be checked or not when declaring income. It is therefore at the time of completing the document that will serve to establish the tax notice that one can, according to his profile of the taxpayer, reduce the tax on capital gains.

If you have any questions, ask them below.

Legal Notice :

Investing in units of account units bears a risk of capital loss since their value is subject to upward and downward fluctuations depending in particular on the development of the financial markets. The establishment commits to the number of units of account and not to their value, which it does not guarantee.
Past performance is not an indication of future performance and is not constant over time.