Average Cost of Life Insurance (2020): Rates by Age, Term and Policy Size – Get our quote online

Average life insurance rates by age were calculated based on the quotes of five of the major insurers: John Hancock, MassMutual, New York Life, Securian and Transamerica. The costs shown are for a man in excellent health. In addition, gender life insurance rate graphs used the same insurers and included applicants in excellent health.
Data from this study showing the cost per term of the contract was provided by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance. Life insurance data was calculated by examining four policy amounts ($ 100,000, $ 250,000, $ 500,000 and $ 1 million) in four rate classes. The breakdown of each fare class is shown below:
Preferential plus policies do not assume the use of tobacco for five years, no serious medical problems, cholesterol levels below 200 and blood pressure that does not exceed 130/80.
Preferred policies do not include tobacco use for three years, above average health, no serious medical problems, cholesterol levels below 240 and blood pressure that does not exceed 135/85.
Selected policies assume the absence of tobacco use in 12 months, good health, blood pressure below 140/90 and cholesterol levels below 300.
Standard policies provide for the use of tobacco in the last year, good health, cholesterol lower than 300 and blood pressure values ​​lower than 140/90.
LendingTree's ValuePenguin commissioned Qualtrics to conduct an online survey of 1,029 Americans to understand their feelings towards life insurance. The survey was launched on May 24-27, 2019.