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Time is a precious luxury and SSQ Insurance understands it with its simplified issue life insurance. In less than an hour, you are insured, top time! 1

What is simplified issue life insurance?

It is distinguished from other life insurance by its simplicity and the speed with which you can obtain it.

Instead of a face-to-face meeting with a counselor and a nurse for a blood test and urinalysis, you request it from your counselor and simply answer a questionnaire about your condition. health.

Your advisor will ask you questions about whether you have been hospitalized recently or have serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer's disease.

Your lifestyle habits, such as tobacco and alcohol use, will be questioned, as will your weight and height.

Your responses will be compared to those of a medical database and will allow the insurance company to predict your death and assess the risk you represent in being insured.

After your advisor has assessed your needs, you will know if you have been accepted and know the amount of the premium to be paid. Once submitted, the policy will be issued in less than an hour.

Simple and effective, right?

More relevant than ever in these times of social distancing

With the guidelines on social distancing imposed by COVID-19, face-to-face meetings with a counselor or a nurse raise a certain fear.

With a contactless quote, you can protect your financial security with complete peace of mind.

What types of life insurance are available?

SSQ Insurance offers you the choice of the following 2 life insurances:

The first can protect you initially for 10 or 20 years (with the possibility of renewing until the age of 80), while the other covers you for your life.

Depending on the answers you provide when you apply, you will be offered the type of simplified issue life insurance that best suits your needs.

Each of them has different characteristics.

Types of life insurance

Temporary 10 years

Temporary 20 years


Membership Ages

18 to 70 years old

18 to 60 years old

18 to 80 years old

Insurance amounts

18 to 50 years old: $ 25,000 to $ 500,000

51 to 60 years:

$ 25,000 to $ 249,999

61 to 70: $ 25,000 to $ 99,999

18 to 50 years old: $ 25,000 to $ 500,000

51 to 60 years old: $ 25,000 to $ 249,999

18 to 60 years old: $ 10,000 to $ 249,999

61 to 80 years old:

$ 10,000 to $ 99,999

Is it for you?

If you are in good health, your financial needs are relatively simple and you want to be protected quickly, then simplified issue life insurance is for you.

As with traditional life insurance, there is no guarantee that the insurer will agree to insure you. Indeed, if you suffer from certain serious illnesses, such as cancer or hepatitis C, simplified issue life insurance is not for you. You will need to turn to life insurance that is subject to a full selection process or to life insurance with guaranteed issuance.

Certain conditions and limitations may also apply if you have a risky profession or if you practice dangerous sports.

How do you get simplified issue life insurance?