UFC-Que Choisir wants to formulate a bill on consumption– Get a quote for free

Imagine more sober, fairer and more responsible consumption»: UFC-Que Choisir is launching an online questionnaire this Thursday so that consumers can formulate their vision of tomorrow's consumption. Objective: that the complaints thus formulated make it possible to draw up a bill.

This idea germinated at the start of confinement, in the federal office, explained the president of UFC-Que Choisir, Alain Bazot, to the Parisian. The economy was slowing down, new consumption habits were being adopted. We therefore launched a call for ideas to all of our committees.

Concretely, the consumer must indicate whether he is “very favorable“,”unfavorable” or “unfavorable»To 17 proposals made. Among them, “(must you make) the Nutri-Score compulsory?” or “(Should we) create a right enforceable against a quality internet to reduce the digital divide?” The UFC-Que Choisir also proposes to extend the warranty periods according to the product families, in order to combat planned obsolescence.

The most committed proposal of this consultation is certainly the creation of a “green price“Which would aim to reflect the”real environmental cost of our consumption (manufacturing, transport, waste …)” A “green price” which would replace, according to UFC-Que Choisir, the eco-contributions included in the price of the products, and the carbon tax. The purpose of this prize would therefore be to reward companies making efforts to be sober, and to penalize others.

Some proposals are much less precise and fairly consensual, such as “guarantee the quality and humanity of the care of dependent elderly people, thanks to a sufficient number of qualified personnel” or “promote, through better information for consumers, short circuits and direct purchasing mechanisms from local producers

The consumer must finally indicate the three proposals that he considers “priorityAmong the 17 that are proposed.

UFC-Que Choisir wants the bill that will be drafted at the end of this process to be submitted to Parliament in the fall. To do this, one or more parliamentarians will have to agree to table it.