Experiences as a Doctor, Family Man and Human Inform Dante Galiber’s “Quotes from the Quiver” – Get your quote in 2 minutes

Dante Galiber poses for a photo at Christiansted's Undercover Books and Gifts with a copy of his recently published "Quotes from the Quiver". (Photo source by Wyndi Ambrose)
Between a tennis match or a discussion with his wife, Dante Galiber is known for pausing to write something. It is his modus operandi after a profound thought, and he has managed to write 458 in his recently published book "Quotes from the quiver".
The book is the culmination of over a decade of writing quotes that came to mind after personal experiences or observations. Sometimes, Galiber said, inspiration struck in unpredictable moments and the fear of forgetting him prompted him to quickly write his thoughts.
"And that's why he interrupts you during the half-sentence to make sure he jot down his quote," said Galiber's wife Yvonne Ashley with a smile during an interview at the Gallows Bay mall. "But I'm getting used to it. After 27 years, it starts growing on you."
The product of Galiber's distinctive process is a book organized into 26 chapters that deal with topics related to knowledge, reality and existence.
Signed copies of "Quotes from the Quiver" are available on Undercover Books and Gifts in Christiansted. (Photo source by Wyndi Ambrose)
A common theme in many quotes is equality for all humanity.
"Humanity is coordinated compassion among all the variations that humans represent," reads a quote.
"Poverty and privilege rarely come in pairs," reads another.
Many quotes specifically address the disparities that minorities face and how this affects society. For example, there is one who says "Racially motivated economic injustice is economic injustice for all."
When asked where his compassion for people comes from, Galiber said growing up as the second youngest of six children might have something to do with it. He described himself as one of the "children of the glue".
"I'm one of the middle kids, so I try to keep things together, keep people," he said.
Galiber, director of cardiology at the Juan F. Luis hospital and medical center, said his experience as a doctor also fuels his compassion. Indeed, one of the biggest chapters of "Quotes from the Quiver" is devoted to medicine, health and science.
The cardiologist said that he knew he wanted to become a doctor from grade 1 and that the patients he saw during his career inspired him.
“You have to be compassionate with them and it becomes easy. And it's necessary, and it's not difficult to do because you can see how they feel and somehow put you in their position too, "said Galiber.
His quotes on medicine focus on the role of a good doctor, suggestions for healthy living and the meaning of a healthcare system that serves everyone.
"Once we realize that if the poorest person on this planet has a home, health insurance and a job, then we will all be better off," Galiber said during the interview. “It could be that poor person who has tuberculosis or some infectious disease that passes it on because he has not been able to receive adequate treatment, so we are really only as strong as our weakest link. And you never know, it could be that poor child who grows up to become a doctor or cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon or neurosurgeon. "
Another theme "Quotes from the quiver" is that of success and failure. A quote reads: "Bankruptcy is a perfect opportunity to learn not to fail." It is a lesson the doctor learned early in life.
Many Galiber childhood anecdotes focus on the lessons learned from his late father Andre Galiber, a radiologist. Some of his most obvious memories are of moments when he disappointed his father.
"One of my most memorable days with him – this might seem a little paradoxical – actually got into trouble because one day I didn't make his shoes shine," said Galiber. “He was very upset; he didn't spank me or anything like that … and he was like "You know I don't work so hard to keep my shoes from shining" and I remember it. And so everyday, that was one of my most important days because I understood how hard he worked to go to school, and I was able to do this and that and play tennis. "
Galiber also recalled a time when his father reprimanded him for hurting the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. He said that experience drove him to do better the next time he took the PSAT.
"I significantly improved my score and it's because I had someone who stimulated me, making sure I did well, that I didn't even rest on my laurels," he said of his father.
Galiber believes that those moments of failure were the key parts of his journey to present success and happiness.
His wife Yvonne Ashley and daughter Dominique Ashley also contributed significantly to "Quotes from the Quiver". A quote: "Live a little!" Only the dead should be dead, ”he reminded Galiber of all the experiences he would have lost if he hadn't married his teenage girlfriend or become a father. He fondly remembers a family trip to Italy that only became reality thanks to his wife's initiative.
"I probably wouldn't have gone if I was a single person and because I'm practically a house person," he said. "But I'm glad I did."
In all, "Quotes from the Quiver" is a collection of perspectives and conclusions drawn from the experiences of father, husband, son, brother, doctor, Virgin Islander and a member of the United States National Guard.
Galiber hopes readers can get "wisdom" and "food for thought" from his book.
"I think it would be nice for this to be a reading material for high school students, and therefore they can make essays based on some of the quotes and also explain the quotes," he said.
Galiber also hopes that readers will be inspired to think critically and draw their perspectives from the ideas shared in the book.
"One of the reasons I didn't want to have an explanation for each of these quotes is because one – most people don't – and then two – I wanted to see what other people think," he said. "I don't want to influence them too."
Autographed copies of "Quotes from the Quiver" are available at Undercover Books and Gifts in Christiansted and at the Galiber office at The Heart Center, PC in the Sunny Isle Shopping Center. Hardcover copies are sold online through the Amazon and Barnes & Noble stores.