Balance Protection Insurance for Credit Cards– Get a quote now

Maximum benefit of $ 25,000; up to 10% of your unpaid balance for up to 10 months in the event of total disability, involuntary unemployment or loss of self-employed income.

$ 1.19 per $ 100 of insured balance5. At age 70, the monthly premium rate is reduced to $ 0.59 per $ 100 of insured balance5.

If the insured balance on your card is $ 500, you pay $ 5.95 per month plus applicable taxes for coverage.

You have no premium to pay in the months when there is no activity on your card and no previous balance has been carried over. In addition, you get the refund of the premium deducted from your account on the statement date preceding the date of the claim if you receive benefits for total disability, involuntary unemployment, loss of income from self-employment or an event. scoring of life.