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Hi friends, this quote above, "I am happily abundant and peacefully free." it is what I call my heart's declaration of hope. Why don't you say it to yourself now and really let it sink. What does this mean for you? How do you like it? This was a statement born from my training and practice as a Yoga Nidra meditation teacher. This is my mantra, my guide, in the journey of my life. And every time I don't feel joy, abundance, peace or freedom I go back to this hope. It is in this choice, in this practice, in this awareness that I am fully supported. On this Independence Day, I encourage you to connect with the hope of your heart. And if you feel confused or overwhelmed, remind yourself that "independence is loyalty to the self and the best principles". To find this out or connect with it, you have to live awake and aware and align yourself with your heart. The choice is yours. If you are looking for personal support on this trip, contact me for counseling and healing sessions. (also inquire about insurance coverage!) And take a look at my next virtual meditation session that starts on 7/7. And for all expectant parents, who are trying to be born in a calm and conscious way, take a look at my HypnoBirthing session. Live in love, Live in the light, LL Virtual meditation sessions Do you feel empty? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Tired and without energy? Join this session to: ~ cultivate yourself ~ improve your sleep ~ reduce stress ~ strengthen the immune system Register here Sessions Start 7/14 Virtual session of respiratory hypnosis Are you afraid of giving birth? Confused about your options? Join a group of other expectant parents and create an empowering birth experience for your family. Take HypnoBirthing and find out why mom's bodies are meant to be born painlessly, how to keep the mind and body relaxed during birth and how to sustain an empowering birth experience. Join hereNext session starts on 7/12 "Lunch with Lana" and "Friday Inspiration" on FaceBookFaceBook Posts Join me on Wednesday, 12pm EST, for "Lunch with Lana" — talk about emotional and spiritual growth and check me out Friday for weekly inspirations ! Visit my FaceBook page here and get inspired to live your best life. "It guides you to live better" I am an authorized professional consultant, an intuitive energy healer and a soul supporter, who guides you to possess your self-esteem and to discover your true purpose. Drawing on both psychotherapeutic training and holistic approaches, they combine traditional and alternative methods to emotional and spiritual strengthening through personal healing services, family healing services and group sessions. I will guide you gently and respectfully challenge you to illuminate your soul. MISSION: I am committed to offering emotional and spiritual support to people open to growth and expansion, in order to live their best life. Visit my website and discover my other services, including individual counseling and reiki sessions. Lana LaChance You can also download a free meditation from yours truly! Live in Love, Live in Light, Lana LaChance