Investment in life insurance: the 5 trends favored by our customers in 2020– Get a quote now

1. Advanced health, technology and safety

The health and technology sectors have been relatively spared from the health crisis of spring 2020. These sectors have even benefited from financial efforts to fight the epidemic, by developing care and accelerating the adoption of new work tools and remote communication. customers have favored several funds illustrating this trend.
At the top of the most subscribed, BGF World Healthscience (LU0171307068), invests in all health sectors: pharmaceutical laboratories (35% of the portfolio, with companies such as Roche, Johnson & Johnson or Sanofi), medical equipment (25%, notably with Boston Scientific), biotechnologies ( 16%, in particular Amgen), or healthcare and health insurance providers (15%, including the UnitedHealth group). Up 1.2% since the start of 2020, in mid-June, this BlackRock fund has gained an average of 15.4% a year over ten years.

NIF Thematics Safety (LU1951225553), of Natixis, “invests in companies that offer products and services relating to the physical and digital protection of individuals, businesses and governments”, according to its managers. A promising theme in our increasingly connected world. Among its flagship values, we note Zscaler, an American specialist in secure cloud services, or Thermo Fischer Technologies, specializing in medical equipment and tests for contamination by the coronavirus.
Fidelity FF Global Technology (LU0099574567), is one of the largest funds in this sector, with 6.7 billion assets. Internet stars such as Google and Facebook, as well as Korean Samsung are found in his portfolio. Thanks to the good health of the sector, it posted a gain of 7.2% since the beginning of 2020, in mid-June, and 17.3% of increase on average per year for ten years.
More recently created, the funds Artificial Intelligence Board (LU1819480192) performed particularly well during the spring crisis, with a gain of 32% since early 2020, as of June 15. “The current crisis has highlighted the growing needs for the digitalization of our economy and accelerated the adoption of artificial intelligence in our world,” said its manager, Rolando Grandi.

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