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Is the national family visiting site the best for? The National Family Assurance online service is best suited for young Internet experts who are trying out life insurance for the first time. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill out the online form and get a quote, saving users the hassle of spending hours conducting their market research or having to wait for several insurance agents to call them back. sell life insurance on behalf of multiple carriers, and therefore characteristics may vary. However, as he states on his website, the following features are a fixed part of his service: Approval guaranteed for up to 85 years No medical examination necessary Up to $ 500,000 in coverage Up to 70% savings on life insurance La National Family says its goal is to find the right insurance for customers who prefer to apply for and buy life insurance online, as well as for those who feel most comfortable talking to an authorized agent over the phone. Having said that, there is a key difference between online and telephone services: when you fill out an online form, you receive a quote for 1 policy only (selected by the National Family algorithm); when you talk to an agent on the phone, you can ask to know more life insurance options. Application process Obtaining a quote is quick and easy and can be done online or over the phone. To get an online quote, simply indicate the following details: If you already have life insurance or not Gender If you have used tobacco in the past 12 months Date of birth Height Weight Weight If you are currently taking a prescribed treatment or medication Name, telephone number and email When filled out using the hypothetical of a 35-year-old male, non-smoking, of medium height and weight in San Jose, California, the following offer was mentioned: A term policy 10-year underwritten by Lumico Life Insurance, which has an A rating from AM Best.Coverage insurance rating agency ranges from: $ 268,000 for a monthly cost of $ 48.91; $ 350,000 for a monthly cost of $ 63.88; $ 400,000 for a monthly cost of $ 73; $ 450,000 for a monthly cost of $ 82.13, $ 500,000 for a monthly cost of $ 91.25. The guaranteed refund will never be reduced or canceled during the period, even if the customer's health situation changes. Guaranteed payments will not increase for a period of 30 days – the guarantee. Political types and terms National family insurance does not reveal its full list of policies on its website, preferring instead to engage in dealing with customers and offer everyone the best policy that suits them. However, he says he sells many insurance products, the most popular of which are the Term Life & Final Expense life insurance products underwritten by Lumico Life Insurance Company. These insurance policies have a duration of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years and are aimed at young families who wish to cover the needs in a specific period of time (such as a mortgage or university fees). The final expense is for coverage of up to $ 30,000 and is ideal for seniors who want to make sure the funeral is paid or leave some cash for their children and grandchildren. How safe is it? & # 39; details. In his privacy policy he states that he follows generally accepted industry standards to protect customer information. It also declares that it reserves the right to share customer information with third parties such as insurance companies, brokers and agents offering insurance products and services. Help and Support Customer Service Representatives can be contacted by email or toll-free number. The parent company Assurance IQ, Inc obtained an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau, which evaluates it for the quality of online feedback and reviews. Summary of the National Family Visit Site National Family Assurance is an insurance start-up that connects customers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia with the most suitable life insurance policies from its partner network. You can find a policy using National Family's free online tool or by calling its free phone number. This service works in real time: to get a quote, simply fill in some basic details about yourself online and National Family will select the best policy it can find from its network and immediately display it on the screen. Alternatively, customer service agents can guide you through the various options over the phone. Physical Address Assurance IQ, Inc11400SE 8th STSuite 360Bellevue, WA 98004