“To choose an online life insurance policy, you have to analyze the range of services offered”– Get a quote online

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High-performance euro funds, reduced fees… life insurance contracts sold on the internet are not lacking in advantages compared to “traditional” products. The costs are almost identical from one establishment to another, individuals must pay attention to look at the services offered to select the contract best suited to their needs, explains Carline Huslin, e-business director at Generali

Capital.fr: The funds in euros for life insurance contracts on the internet outperform those sold by conventional networks. Why ?
Carline Huslin: The good trend in the bond market since the 2000s is necessarily felt more on internet contracts, whose stock is less important than traditional contracts. Fees also make a difference. On the internet, management fees on the euro fund are limited to 0.6%, compared to 0.8% to 1% for conventional life insurance.

Capital.fr: Most online banks or brokers offer the same euro fund. What should I look for when selecting the right product?
Carline Huslin: More than the costs, which are almost identical from one establishment to another, the individual must analyze the range of services to make his choice. Everything will depend on the investment strategy and everyone's needs. Some players offer the widest possible offer, making it possible to invest alongside 200 euros in 200 different media. Others prefer to sort and highlight only the best performing and strong funds in each asset class. Certain options, more rare, can make the difference. I am thinking in particular of the possibility of making a partial buy-back in 72 hours or of opting for management under mandate, a service which is more and more in demand.

Capital.fr: Individuals who take out life insurance on the internet are therefore not independent …
Carline Huslin:The share of so-called “expert” Internet users tends to decrease as access to banking products via the net becomes commonplace. Proof that the human relationship is both reassuring and essential, one in two Internet users contact customer service to be referred during the opening phase of their contract. In the event of a complex financial situation, the individual has rather an interest in going through a traditional network, where he will benefit from personalized advice. The other solution is to select one of the rare contracts on the internet which offers, if necessary, to be put in touch with wealth management advisers.

Interview by Frédéric Cazenave