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Here are the life insurance contracts whose characteristics and conditions of access we list. These are, in the majority, contracts accessible from the internet and without payment costs, but also some mutual or asset contracts.

From this comparison, you can consult the different contracts, compare them with each other, and choose the most interesting according to your situation and your objectives.

List of contracts

ContractEuro fundsUnit-linked funds
Fortuneo logoFortuneo Life 200 euros offeredSuravenir logo1.60%2.40%

179 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableCertificate

Direct Placement LogoDarjeeling 350 euros offeredSwiss Life logo1.30% +

985 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovable

Info logoFuture Power 350 euros offeredSuravenir logo1.60%2.40%

718 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableCertificate

Yomoni logoYomoni Essential 350 euros offeredSuravenir logo1.60%

21 fundsUCITSTracker

My Investments LogoMy Liberty Investments 150 euros offeredSpirica logo1.50%2.40%

599 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableBright title

Best Placement LogoM Life RetirementSuravenir logo1.60%2.40%

743 fundsUCITSImmovable

Suravenir logoPrimonial SrniPierreSuravenir logo1.40%1.65%2.80%

195 fundsUCITSImmovable

Info logoEvolution Life 350 euros offeredAviva logo1.76%

102 fundsUCITSImmovable

My Investments LogoMy retirement investments 200 euros offeredSuravenir logo1.60%2.40%

571 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovable

Spirica logoNetLifeSpirica logo1.29%1.50%2.40%2.82%

549 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableBright title

LinXea logoLinxea AvenirSuravenir logo1.60%2.40%

690 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableCertificate

LinXea logoLinxea SpiritSpirica logo1.50%2.40%

625 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableBright title

Orad logoTarget PlusOrad logo3.15%

250 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovable

Altaprofits logoDigital LifeSuravenir logo1.60%2.40%

468 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableCertificate

Info logoPower SlectionGenerali logo1.20% +1.20%

391 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovable

Altaprofits logoTitles @ LifeSwiss Life logo1.30% +

609 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableBright title

Sicavonline logoFutura VieOrad logo1.35%

213 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableBright title

BforBank logoBforBank lifeSpirica logo1.65%2.40%

51 fundsUCITSImmovable

Direct Placement LogoKapital-direct 350 euros offeredGenerali logo1.15%1.20% +

537 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovable

Altaprofits logoAltaprofits LifeGenerali logo1.15%1.20% +

515 fundsUCITSImmovableBright title

LinXea logoLinxea ZenApicil logo1.25% +1.70%

410 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovable

ING Direct logoING life insuranceGenerali logo1.15%1.20% +

41 fundsUCITSImmovable

Boursorama Banque logoBoursorama VieGenerali logo1.15%1.55%

384 fundsUCITSTrackerBright title

LinXea logoLinxea VieGenerali logo1.15%1.20% +

638 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovable

Generali logoHimalia contractGenerali logo(0.01%)1.00% +2.00%2.00%

900 fundsEurogrowthUCITSTrackerImmovable

EasyBourse logoEasyVieCNP Assurances logo1.50%

180 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovable

Epargnissimo logoFuture GrowthSuravenir logo1.60%2.40%

473 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableCertificate

AFER logoAFER MultisupportAviva logo1.85%

15 fundsEurogrowthUCITSImmovable

Binck logoBinck VieGenerali logo1.15%1.20% +

350 fundsEurogrowthUCITSTrackerBright title

Carac logoCarac savings accountCarac logo1.80%(single support contract)Info
The MIF logoAvenir Libre Avenir AccountThe MIF logo1.95%

16 fundsUCITS

Logo saving evolutionSpirica logo1.29%1.50%2.40%

338 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovableBright title

Advize logoMy Life SentinelGenerali logo1.20% +1.20%

91 fundsUCITS

Patrimea logoHeritage PremiumOrad logo1.35% +

270 fundsUCITSTrackerImmovable

The Curator logoCurator Helios SlectionThe Curator logo1.80%

50 fundsUCITS

Gaipare logoGaipare SelectissimoAllianz Bank logo2.15%

90 fundsUCITS

The MIF logoMIF Horizon EuroactifThe MIF logo1.95%

1 fundUCITS

Monabanq logoMonabanq Vie PremiumGenerali logo1.15%1.20% +

261 fundsUCITS

Carac logoCarac ProfiloCarac logo2.20%

6 fundsUCITSImmovableBright title


Management methods

Automatic arbitration


ContractPayment feesManagement feesArbitration costs on demand
Fortuneo logoFortuneo Life 200 euros offered0%of 0.60% 0.75%Free
Direct Placement LogoDarjeeling 350 euros offered0%0.60%FreeInfo logoFuture Power 350 euros offered0%0.60%FreeInfo
Yomoni logoYomoni Essential 350 euros offered0%0.60%FreeInfo
My Investments LogoMy Liberty Investments 150 euros offered0%of 0.50% 0.70%Free
Best Placement LogoM Life Retirement0%0.60%FreeInfo
Suravenir logoPrimonial SrniPierre5%of 0.80% 0.95%15
minimum (0.8% of the amount arbitrated)
Info logoEvolution Life 350 euros offered0%0.60%FreeInfo
My Investments LogoMy retirement investments 200 euros offered0%0.60%FreeInfo
Spirica logoNetLife0%of 0.70% 2%Free
LinXea logoLinxea Avenir0%0.60%FreeInfo
LinXea logoLinxea Spirit0%of 0.50% 0.70%Free
Orad logoTarget Plus5%of 0.80% 0.95%1%Info
Altaprofits logoDigital Life0%0.60%FreeInfo logoPower Slection0%of 0.60% 0.75%Free
(except for trackers, 0.10%)
Altaprofits logoTitles @ Life0%0.60%Free
Sicavonline logoFutura Vie0%0.70%Info
BforBank logoBforBank life0%of 0.60% 0.85%FreeInfo
Direct Placement LogoKapital-direct 350 euros offered0%of 0.60% 0.75%FreeInfo
Altaprofits logoAltaprofits Life0%of 0.75% 0.84%FreeInfo
LinXea logoLinxea Zen0%of 0.60% 4%FreeInfo
ING Direct logoING life insurance0%of 0.75% 0.85%FreeInfo
Boursorama Banque logoBoursorama Vie0%0.75%FreeInfo
LinXea logoLinxea Vie0%of 0.60% 0.75%FreeInfo
Generali logoHimalia contract4.50%of 0.90% 1.20%1%
EasyBourse logoEasyVie0%of 0.75% 0.85%Free
Epargnissimo logoFuture Growth0%0.60%FreeInfo
AFER logoAFER Multisupport0.50%0.48%FreeInfo
Binck logoBinck Vie0%0.75%FreeInfo
Carac logoCarac savings account2.44%0.55%(not applicable)Info
The MIF logoAvenir Libre Avenir Account2%of 0.35% 0.60%Free
to UCs (1% to funds in euros)
Logo saving evolution0%of 0.50% 2%Free
Advize logoMy Life Sentinel0%of 0.60% 0.85%FreeInfo
Patrimea logoHeritage Premium3%0.72%0.20%Info
The Curator logoCurator Helios Slection3%of 0.60% 0.96%0.50%Info
Gaipare logoGaipare Selectissimo3.95%of 0.60% 1%0.50%
online, otherwise 1% of the amount arbitrated (1 free per year)
The MIF logoMIF Horizon Euroactif2%of 0.35% 0.60%(not applicable)Info
Monabanq logoMonabanq Vie Premium0%of 0.75% 0.80%FreeInfo
Carac logoCarac Profilo3.50%of 0.70% 0.90%1%
(1 free arbitration per year)

22 promo offers

Life insurance contractsOffer in force

Filter contracts

What does this comparison contain?

When it comes to choosing a life insurance policy, you should not only refer to the performance of your fund in euros, which can fluctuate from year to year. Other criteria must also be taken into account: contract accessibility, management options, risk aversion This page will allow you to access a wide range of indicators that will help you make a choice.

In order to facilitate the comparison of these contracts, you can filter life insurance according to ten criteria. It is for example possible to display only the contracts allowing to place all of your savings on funds in euros. An essential criterion if you do not want to take any risks. On the other hand, if you want to invest via your life insurance in supports potentially having higher performances but whose capital is not guaranteed, by selecting euros funds + units of account, you will display all the multi-support contracts.

You can also filter the contracts according to the desired management mode. Savers wishing to entrust a professional with monitoring their contract will select pilot management. Those who do not want to follow their life insurance closely, or opt for an arbitration mandate will prefer profile management. Finally, autonomous savers will be able to select the contracts allowing free management.

Other criteria such as the type of media available (UCITS, tracker, real estate, certificate, live security and Eurogrowth fund), entry ticket or even the form of the contract will allow you to refine your selection.

How to choose your life insurance plan?

Here are the key points to consider before purchasing a life insurance policy:

Method of contract management

The first criterion for selecting a life insurance contract is how it is managed. Do you need a contract where you will choose the investments between the various media offered? This is the free management available as standard on most contracts. Or do you prefer profile management more often, a distribution of funds proposed according to the level of risk chosen or pilot management also called management under mandate a specialist manager orienting savings according to a mandate according to market conditions?

If you opt for free management, it may be useful for the contracts to include steering options, also called automatic arbitrage (securing, progressive investment, boosting capital gains, etc.). Investors can thus refine their strategy: schedule arbitrations according to whether they wish to increase the amount invested in units of account or, on the contrary, secure their savings towards a fund in euros.

The management methods are specified in the Management methods tab or on the sheet for each contract. The steering options are indicated in the Automatic arbitration tab and also on the sheet dedicated to each contract.

Investment horizon

With life insurance, the investment horizon is often at least 8 years, the current deadline for obtaining, in the event of withdrawal, both an abatement on contract income and reduced tax rates.

But nothing prevents you from recovering your capital before this 8 years mark. Income (for contracts opened since the end of 2017) will then be subject to the 30% flat-tax, as for other capital income.

More info on life insurance taxation

The investment horizon can also be much further (10 years and more) if the contract is opened with a view to obtaining an additional income for retirement or with the aim of passing on a longer chance. The choice of insurer and distributor is therefore essential, especially since it is impossible to transfer his contract later.

Life insurance fees

The level of contract fees is one of the important points to consider when choosing a contract:

  • Entrance fees. These costs mainly exist on association contracts and correspond to association membership costs.
  • Payment fees. This is a percentage (up to 5%) taken from each payment. They are found on the traditional contracts of insurers underwritten, in particular via wealth management advisers or banks. 100% internet contracts do not charge payment fees.
  • Management fees. On the funds in euros, they are almost transparent, the performance being always communicated net of these management fees. Unit-linked funds also have various internal management fees which are included in the net asset value. But insurers add their own support management costs by reducing the number of shares. Thus, the same support will be more or less profitable depending on the fees applied by each contract.
  • Arbitration costs. These are the fees applied when sums are divested from one medium to be reinvested in another. They can be of a fixed amount or calculated by a percentage of the amount arbitrated. They can also be free for one, several, or all of the year's arbitrations. Note that some distributors prefer to charge higher management fees and not to invoice arbitrations.
  • Transaction fees. These are additional fees that are charged for fund subscriptions outside the classic Sicav or FCP. They are found in particular for transactions in units of real estate funds, on trackers (ETF), on certificates or even shares.

Learn more about life insurance fees

The Fees tab provides an overview of the fees for each contract (payment fees, management fees and request arbitration fees). Other costs are specified on the sheet for each contract.

Contract accessibility

The choice of a life insurance also involves the comparison of the conditions of food and exit from the contract. Indeed, for certain contracts, the minimum amount of partial payment or withdrawal may be of a fairly high level. To give you an idea of ​​the accessibility of a contract, we indicate here the minimum initial payment necessary to open it – its entry ticket in the insurance jargon – which can vary from one ten according to life insurance.

This information is accessible from the Management methods tab and is specified on the sheet for each contract.

Collective or individual contract

Contracts can take two forms. They are either collective (sometimes referred to as group contracts), or individual. In the first case, the distributor takes out the contract himself with the insurer before proposing it to the savers. It therefore has control over its operation, its general conditions and the fees charged. The distributor remains the intermediary between the saver and the insurer.

On an individual contract, the investor takes out life insurance directly with the insurer, through the distributor. In theory, the contract can only be modified after the agreement of the subscriber.

To read on this subject: what differences between individual and collective contracts?

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