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420. In addition to the regulatory powers conferred on it by this Act, the Government may make regulations reconcilable with this Act to:

at) determine the qualifications required of any person applying for a permit, the conditions that this person must meet and the information that he must provide;

b) determine categories of permits and classes of holders as well as the conditions and restrictions relating to each;

vs) determine the content of permit applications and the content of permits;

d) determine, for each class of holders, the nature and form of the books, accounts and registers they must keep in addition to those prescribed by this Act;

e) determine for each class of holders, the nature and content of the statements they must produce, in addition to those prescribed by this Act, as well as the time of their production;

f) (paragraph repealed);

g) determine the form of inspection reports made for the Authority and the information they must contain;

h) determine the procedure to be followed and the notices to be given before the Authority suspends, cancels or, under section 358, modifies a permit;

i) oblige insurers operating in Quebec to provide the Authority with information and statistics concerning their operations in Quebec and to produce the related statements and determine the nature of the information that must be given, as well as the content of the statements that must thus be produced;

j) determine in which cases the expenses incurred by the Authority to inspect or have inspected the affairs of an insurer must be reimbursed by that insurer as well as the scope of these reimbursements;

k) establish a tariff for the fees payable by the Authority for the filing and examination of an application for constitution, modification of the articles, merger, conversion or continuation of an insurer as well as for the filing, examination and issuance of various documents or reinstatement of permits as well as for inspections;

l) determine the methods to be followed for the valuation of the assets and liabilities of insurers or, where applicable, of their insurance funds;

m) ensure the issuance of permits to trustees or liquidators or heirs of deceased holders, but only for the time necessary for the liquidation of the portfolio;

not) (paragraph repealed);

o) (paragraph repealed);

p) (paragraph repealed);

q) determine the conditions with which any funeral expense insurance contract entered into before October 20, 1976 must comply;

r) define the various categories of insurance and determine the cases and conditions where they may be covered by the same policy;

s) establish the conditions applicable to group insurance contracts, their marketing and admission to a group of members;

t) establish standards for the disclosure of the conditions of insurance contracts and the presentation of text, including printed characters, and provide for the adoption by insurers of mandatory forms of insurance policies;

u) rule on the form to be taken by insurance policies and on the minimum coverage to be stipulated by each category of insurance policy it indicates;

v) (paragraph repealed);

w) rule on reinsurance;

x) rule on the block letters and the color of the ink to be used for the printing of clauses excluding or reducing the liabilities of insurers;

y) require insurers operating in Quebec to provide the Authority each year with a statement of the investments made by them in Quebec, Canada or elsewhere and, to that end, determine what constitutes an investment in Quebec;

z) set a maximum rate of interest payable by policyholders or members on premiums due in group annuity insurance;

aa) determine, for any legal person acting in Québec as an insurer, as a condition for issuing the permit referred to in section 211, the reasonable proportion of its assets that must be invested in Québec having regard to the real value of its commitments to its policyholders in Quebec;

ab) (paragraph repealed);

ac) prescribe the documents and information that must be provided to the Minister and to the Authority relating to the incorporation of an insurance company, the continuation of an insurance company subject to the Business Corporations Act (chapter S-31.1), the constitution of a mutual insurance association or in relation to any modification of their constituting act;

ad) prescribing the terms and conditions relating to issues of bonds or other debt securities and subordinated loans;

ae) prescribing the conditions that the subsidiary of an insurer is required to meet under section 247.1;

af) prescribe the fees payable for the constitution and amendment of the articles of a mutual insurance association, a federation of mutual insurance associations or a guarantee fund;

ag) (paragraph repealed);

ah) determine the investments that may be made out of the investment fund of a federation of mutual insurance associations, the times and method of valuation of the fund and the standards relating to financial disclosure to participating members;

have) prescribe any document that must accompany the articles of incorporation or amendment of a mutual insurance association, a federation of mutual insurance associations or a guarantee fund;

aj) (paragraph repealed);

ak) define, for law enforcement purposes, the concept of indirect holding;

al) (paragraph repealed);

am) determine the terms under which an insurer may invest in subsidiaries or companies whose main activity is the purchase, administration, sale or rental of buildings or the loan and investment;

year) (paragraph repealed);

ao) identify other persons who are interested persons with respect to an insurer;

ap) determine standards for the use that an insurer may make of the information it has on its policyholders or on the customers of another financial institution whose products it offers for sale;

aq) determine the standards governing agreements between an insurer and a financial institution for the sale of the latter's products or those of the insurer and the conditions under which they can be concluded;

ar) the public authorities referred to in paragraph 6 of Article 93.22;

ace) cases where the name of a mutual company suggests that it is related to another person, company or group, for the purposes of paragraph 7 ° of Article 93.22;

at) the criteria to be taken into account for the application of paragraphs 7 ° and 8 ° of Article 93.22;

at) prescribing the fees to be paid for an application referred to in section 93.25;

av) determine the policy that insurers must adopt in accordance with section 285.29 or elements of that policy.