Helix platform celebrates its 1st anniversary– Get a quote in minutes

Videotron's Helix connected entertainment and life management platform reached 200,000 cable operator customers in one year.

Helix, which is celebrating its first anniversary, has received more than 117 million voice commands to date.

“The results of the last year allow us to confirm that there is a strong enthusiasm for Helix and that this new entertainment ecosystem is very appreciated by our customers,” said Jean-François Pruneau, President and CEO of Videotron, Friday, by press release.

“Our goal is to remain number one in customer experience; We are convinced that we will get there by continuing to innovate and listen to the needs of consumers, ”continued Mr. Pruneau.

It should be noted that Helix continues to evolve, Videotron adding new features to it on a regular basis. During the hot season, we launched the Appli Helix TV package, “a flexible offer allowing you to view all your content at home and outside without having to acquire a terminal for your TV”, specified the business.

Helix allows in particular, thanks to its 100% digital journey, to choose its Helix products and even to ask a technician to come home. Parental control is one of the most used functions of the Helix Fi terminal, according to Videotron, which had nearly 1.5 million customers on its cable service as of July 30.