prison closed for a woman who had cut her hand to collect insurance– Get a quote in 3 minutes

It is a scam with very sordid insurance that the Slovenian justice sanctioned. Friday, September 11, the district court sentenced a young woman, aged 22, to two years in prison. The accused had indeed cut off her hand with a circular saw in order to be the beneficiary ofinsurance up to 400,000 euros in compensation. The STA news agency said her companion, in his 30s, received a three-year prison sentence for encouraging her.

In Slovenia, where the average salary is around 1,000 euros, Julija Adlesic had set up a plan to carry out her scam. With three accomplices, she had staged an accident, and had ended up with a completely severed hand up to the wrist in order to receive compensation of 380,000 euros. She also intended to collect 3,000 euros per month until the end of her life, details the police. Shortly before, the group had taken out insurance with five different companies.

The accomplices then took the mis en cause to hospital without his severed hand. Goal : obtain the maximum amount of compensation in the context of a recognized permanent disability. In the meantime, the hand had been found and then sewn back to Julija Adlesic's arm.

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