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In Canada, we are the only place to help you search for a lost deceased's insurance policy.

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Before we can search for a font:

  1. You have to look for the police on your own
  2. If you can't find her, you must have proof that the police exist
  3. There must be less than two years and more than three months since the person's death
  4. OLHI must find it reasonable for us to investigate

How to search for a policy or proof that it exists:

  • Take a tour of the possible storage places such as safes or filing cabinets
  • Review all of the deceased's documents, looking for policies, statements or notices from an insurance company
  • Check bank statements for any proof of premium payments
  • Contact the deceased's insurance agent (if known) and other advisers, such as lawyers and accountants. Sometimes fonts are kept in their files
  • Contact the deceased's employer, or their former employer if the deceased was retired. The human resources department will have information on the group insurance plan for current or retired employees
  • If the deceased was receiving group disability benefits, check to see if there was group plan life insurance included in the disability benefits
  • Contact all associations to which the deceased was affiliated. Many offer their members life insurance. For example, lawyers, accountants, construction workers, teachers, government employees or engineers are members of associations
  • Check with credit card companies to see if the deceased had purchased life or travel insurance issued with the card
  • If the deceased died while traveling, check to see if special travel insurance was purchased. Sometimes travel insurance provides compensation in the event of death

How OLHI research works:

  • We send a search request to all insurance companies that are members of OLHI. Although 99% of all life and health insurance companies are members, any policy written with a non-member will not be retrieved in our research. On the other hand, a policy taken out outside Canada will not be found since our member companies are only Canadian.
  • Insurance companies will only contact you if a policy is found. Companies can only disclose information to the executor, lawyer, beneficiary or heir of the deceased
  • Group policies may not be found using a search. We encourage you to contact the former employers of the deceased or association

Request a police search for a deceased person

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