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Health insurance is important to have. This insurance helps reduce the costs of illness or treatment, as most of the expenses were covered by health insurance.

Different types of health insurance can be an option. Private health insurance that could be tailored to capacity and needs was found. However, government-provided health insurance in the form of National Health Insurance (JKN) also has several advantages that should be taken into account.


Get to know the government health insurance

Different types of health insurance can be an option. Since 2014, the government has provided health insurance services to the people of Indonesia through the National Health Insurance (JKN). JKN aims to provide affordable public health services. For poor or poor citizens, the government bears the costs of JKN. So that the group is not burdened with contribution costs, it still takes advantage.

Participants who already have JKN health insurance can benefit from health services such as examinations, medication, medical consultations, drug addiction services, blood transfusions, non-specialist medical actions, operative or not, hospitalizations, medical examiner services.

The health services provided by JKN can only be obtained from health facilities (health centers, clinics, doctors or hospitals) in collaboration with the organization of social security (BPJS), as an organization organizer of the JKN program. Patients should therefore ensure that the health facilities visited include health facilities that work with the agency that runs the JKN program so that the health services obtained can be guaranteed by JKN.

Another equally important element is the multi-level referral system regulated by JKN. Before being admitted to hospital, for example, patients must first obtain a recommendation from the health center, clinic or their doctor for further treatment at the nearest hospital. Without referral, patients are not allowed to seek treatment directly in hospitals or specialist clinics, except in emergencies.

In addition, the government has had some weaknesses in health insurance, namely that some health services do not have guarantees, such as:

  • Services that do not follow the JKN procedure
  • Services for treating infertility or obtaining offspring such as impotence.
  • General review
  • Alternative medicine such as acupuncture
  • Aesthetic or aesthetic health services
  • Dental or orthodontic leveling services
  • Health services for health problems due to drug addiction or alcohol
  • Health problems due to intentional injury
  • Health services provided abroad.

A look at private insurance

Although they were registered as participants in JKN health insurance, some people still have private health insurance. What needs to be considered is that private insurance contributions or premiums are generally higher than public health insurance. Also make sure that private health insurance is chosen according to your income and lifestyle, so that you have no difficulty in making contributions.

The advantages of private insurance are that they usually offer various benefits when it comes to healthcare facilities. While JKN health insurance is governed by a referral system, private health insurance is generally free to choose a hospital or doctor for necessary health services. Of course, the health facilities and services obtained are always based on the agreed premiums and are paid.

As the number of private insurances in Indonesia is somewhat diverse, you should be more careful in choosing an existing private health insurance. In addition to making sure funds are available, it is a good idea to compare several health insurance policies before making a decision. Information may be obtained through customer service (customer service), as well as media forums or blogs in online media related to the experiences of others who have used health insurance.

How to choose insurance if needed

In order for the desired health services to be in line with the needs, there are certain elements to consider when choosing health insurance. The first thing to do is to make sure that health insurance benefits are chosen based on the premiums or contributions paid each month. Review what health services can be obtained from insurance, then ask health insurance in detail to provide you with clear information.

After that, it is also important to know which doctor or hospital works with selected health insurance. You have the right to request a list of doctors and hospitals so that you can easily get health services when you need them.

In addition, knowing the policies and credibility of the chosen health insurance is also important so that the content of the agreement, including the issue of health care claims, can be completed properly, in accordance with the agreement. in force.

You and your family need health insurance because the benefits are large and very useful. By purchasing health insurance, you minimize the expenses you have to incur when you or a family member becomes ill. When choosing health insurance, make sure that it is able to meet your needs, as every health insurance, whether public or private, has its pros and cons.