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Look at this picture. What is your favorite bird?

Read the text to find out what it says about one of your priorities in life!

Each of us has a unique personality, shaped by our experiences and predispositions in life, so it is impossible to find someone like us, even though we share many similarities.


Our personality is what dictates our priorities and how we perceive ourselves and relate to the people around us and to life in general. All of our choices are based on what is really important to us and what has been nurtured in us over the years, shaping our lives today.

However, even though this is a very important aspect of our life, we don't always know enough about ourselves to make good, assertive choices and follow the right direction, the one that will take us to more. happiness and fulfillment.

When we learn about our attitudes, we can evolve more easily, which is why it is so important that self-knowledge is encouraged.

With today’s test, we may help you understand a little more about yourself and the way you see life.

Pick one of the birds below and read on to find out what they have to say about you. Choose your favorite, following your intuition.


Have you made your choice?

Then search for the bird in the list below to get the test result.

If you chose …

… The bird 1

You see life as a great gift, so you do your best to consistently get the most out of it.

Your priorities are to find joy and wisdom in all situations, take care of your body and mind, and invest your time in the activities and businesses that really matter. Your boundaries are well defined and you don't betray yourself for any kind of blackmail or reward.


… The bird 2

Kindness and responsibility are your top priorities in life.

You are a special person, who looks at life with purity and love, you always do your best to live with other people to make them feel good. You are the friend who is always ready to help and the person we can count on at all times. Your heart is full of good things to offer and it gives you a beautiful soul.

… The bird 3

You are a person who sees life analytically and rationally.

You've learned to think for yourself and you don't take everything people tell you without asking questions. Your priority is to live authentically, which is why you stay away from any situation or business that disconnects you from yourself and your truth. Sometimes you may feel lonely, but you never settle for less than you deserve.


… The bird 4

You are a person who has been through a lot.

And not all of them have been treated properly, so it's only fitting that they still influence your decision-making and your life in general. You are always trying to set your priorities and sometimes you can face life with insecurity and fear. However, there is a great personal power and a great light within you, and when you learn to let them go out, you move on to a much better life.

… The bird 5

You are a confident person who views life with a lot of love and self-confidence.

This stability is the result of years of working internally which has made you a much happier and more hopeful person. Your humility makes you even more special and helps attract positive people to your path, who will help you grow even more and achieve some of your goals even more.

So, did you like your result?

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