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SSQ Insurance travel insurance protects you in the event of an emergency that occurs outside your province of residence. The protection includes a travel assistance service. It can also offer cancellation insurance.

By consulting your brochure in the Customer Center, you will obtain all the details on your travel insurance: the costs covered, the exclusions and the maximum duration of your protection.

You can also print an SSQ insurance card or obtain proof of travel insurance for you and your dependents, if they are also insured.

Before leaving

Do you have any doubts about your state of health or the level of safety at your destination? Take a moment to confirm your eligibility with CanAssistance, SSQ Insurance's travel assistance firm.

Learn about the evolution of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and instructions given to travelers. If you have questions about your coverage, see our information page.


If possible, contact CanAssistance before obtaining treatment or medical service outside your province of residence. You will be referred to the appropriate doctor, clinic or hospital to give you the emergency care you need. Your reimbursement request will be simplified.

The numbers to dial are also on the back of your SSQ insurance card.

If you have not contacted CanAssistance during your trip, you must do so upon your return to initiate the settlement process.

Make sure to keep the original and itemized invoice, medical reports and proof of payment at all times.

Need travel assistance?

Refer to the number indicated on the back of your SSQ insurance card.