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We used a few assumptions to determine an approximate insurance amount. This amount does not necessarily meet your specific insurance needs.
Estimated cost is for a Manulife 20-Year Term Family life insurance policy for female,
38 years, non-smoker.

Consider taking out Synergy insuranceMD by Manulife

Three-in-one insurance solution: life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance

Helping to protect your family also means protecting yourself and your way of life, should something happen to you. Thanks to Synergy, a 3-in-1 solution that combines life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance, you can help protect yourself against the risks you are exposed to on a daily basis. If an injury or illness prevents you from working or if you die prematurely, it is possible to withdraw amounts from your Synergy contract for:

  • Replace your income
  • Cover your mortgage and debts
  • Help cover costs not covered by your employer's group insurance plan.


Here is an estimate of the amount of combined insurance you might need based on the information you entered in the minute quote, which only estimates your life insurance needs.

We used the same assumptions to determine the total amount of Synergy insurance you might need. This amount does not meet your specific insurance needs.

The estimated cost applies to a 10-year Synergy solution $ 500,000 , including a term insurance guarantee of $ 1,100,000
man of 33 years, smoking.