What is mortgage loan insurance?– Get a quote for free

Medical questionnaire

The insurer asks you to complete a medical questionnaire. This questionnaire should be completed in good faith. Any omission (willful forgetting) or intentional false declaration may result in the forfeiture of guarantees.

In support of your answers, the insurer takes the risk and sends an insurance proposal indicating in particular:

  • the guarantees for which it grants cover
  • the conditions to be fulfilled to trigger them
  • exclusions
  • the amount of the monthly contribution over the total duration of the loan
  • the cost of insurance
  • waiting periods

Payment of the membership fee begins upon signature of the prior loan offer unless otherwise specified (for example: payment on the 1ster release of funds).

If you have or have had a aggravated health risk due to illness or disability, your borrower insurance application automatically falls under the Aeras agreement.

Insurance contract proposal

When the bank offers an insurance contract to the borrower, it must obligatorily attach to the loan contract a notice listing the risks covered, as well as the methods of bringing the insurance into play.

During the 1re credit simulation, the lender provides a standardized information sheet

to the borrower.

The borrower should also be informed of the cost of the insurance (the effective annual rate, the total cost of the insurance and the amount of the insurance premium).